ok so,
My DV888(which i’ve had for about 2 months) started to uncrew every 3 or 4 throws and if you feel it you can unscrew it pretty easily. I was wondering if this means the axle is stripped or something and if it is should i just get a pack of axles from the shop?


yes, that, or your threads inside the yoyo are stripped and retapping is needed


There is also a possibility that there is nothing wrong with it. I would try some thread sealer or a little piece of plumber’s tape before I started re-tapping anything…


srry to bother you but what is tapping the yoyo again?




I would be inclined to recommend the same advise. Teflon tape isn’t all that expensive and readily available. It’s worth a shot.

I would think the costs of retapping a dv888 might exceed the costs of the dv888, plus if it’s retapped, you’d need to get a new axle/set screw that goes with the retapped threads.


you could probably get a new axle i’d assume.


Teflon tape or threadlock is the second choice.

The first choice is to make sure it’s tight when you screw it together.


Retapping isn’t that expensive. I know a lot of people that can do it for $20 or less. Some modders even trade for the work.