HELP!!! need new axle for dv888!!!


So I have a yyf dv888 and i screwed the halfs too tight and the axle got de-threaded. What do I do? where can I get a new one? please respond soon. 411.jpg 409.jpg 410.jpg


I can’t see the pics so I will assume it is the axle that is the problem. If so then go to the hardware store and find one that matches the current one. They are cheap too.

(yoyo jake) #3
here is the link get the one that says fundemetal i think its 18 mm

note:as long as yye doesnt sell it we can post links to other stores


thank you YoyoJake, my hardware store didnt have them

(BB) #5

im making death spike axles for dv888 and will be selling soon