14' OD benchmark won't tighten

As the title says. I unscrewed the yoyo to clean the bearing and when I went to put it back together, the yoyo won’t tighten. It gets to a certain point and then it just keeps turning without any tension. I tried to tighten by twisting the SE’s but still no dice. Anyone have this issue?

Assuming the side effects are pushed all the way in to the yoyo halves, they could be stripped. Which would be terrible if this were not a side effect yoyo. But because it is, it’s only going to cost you $12 for a new pair. :slight_smile: or you can see if anyone on the BST has a spare pair for cheaper

i just took it apart when it was perfectly fine. I didn’t even get to over tighten it it was already acting like it was stripped.

Do the side effects tighten if you take them out of the benchmark?

Hold the side with the axle Side Effect in it with the axle pointing to the ceiling and the the yoyo half sitting in your palm. Put the bearing over the axle.  Then screw the other half on while still holding it like that (horizontally).

If you are holding the the yoyo vertically it can be tough to assemble.

Paul shows it in this video:

duh… Should have thought of that. Yes. They do tighten completely normal. Now it makes me believe that it’s the bearing. Seems to be seated flush. So I don’t understand why it isn’t working.

nope. Still didn’t work. I took the OD 10 ball out of my gradient and tried it in the benchmark with no problems. And visa versa. Gradient won’t tighten with the bearing. I jist tried to take a se and put it through the bearing alone and it will not go all the way through.

So one particular bearing causes the problem in two different yoyos? Make sure the inside diameter of that bearing is clean.