Is it cheating to put a 10ball bearing in your yoyo? I always feel like I’m cheating.

no… they’re available to all players so if anyone wanted to use them, they could

Yes absolutely! This means that your yoyo will spin just as good as everyone elses yoyo.

hahaha :slight_smile:

p.s. I love your signature

Yes it is. Now to redeem yourself send me all of your cheater bearings.

hahaha awesome.

try out terrapin x you will not be sorry! 2 less balls and better i think! AIGR general yo bearings are my second favorite. :o

Glad to hear that

I always think it was something with my throw.


he must share with the already redeemed, like ourselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you think it’s cheating, then go play with a rusted bearing. :stuck_out_tongue:


of course it is. it’s cheating to play with ANY bearing. :wink:

Well crap.

Take me to jail.

Jail? Forget that. The jails are crowded.

I’m gonna have to fine you for that. Just send me your Pure and we’ll call it even(yeah, I can be bribed…)

I just bought a Ceramic Therapin X is that how you say it? I put it in my new YYJ Destiny and using it for 5a. I must say I like it. But I can’t really tell a ton of difference. I just got my cheater 10ball bearing last week and still trying to decide which yoyo I need to win with before I use it :slight_smile: It also said to clean with mineral spirits and put one drop of one drop in it :slight_smile: I just bought the 1 drop 1 drop but I need to buy me some mineral spirits before I play with the cheater bearing. At least that is what they say to do.

I think what is devilishly cheating is my Defie Ceramic Konkave that I have in my 888x. Now that is flippen amazing and the yoyo actually does tricks for me. I just throw a sleeper and next thing you know it is jumping all around. It is either the Bearing or the Gstring TD. I’m trying to put a hidden camera to find out which one is really behind the cheating.

how can you cheat in yoyoing

is it cheating if you drive a ferrari 458 italia over an oldschool mustang ?
is it cheating if you play on a PS3 rather than a famicom ?
is it cheating if you take a $3000 paying job rather than a $1000 ?

technology, evolution, you name it. things are bound to evolve and get better with time.

just throw, whatever it is, however you want it, throw like there’s no tomorrow.

Now that…is…an…EPIC CHEATER! Right there!

Please note that it isn’t a YOYO bearing… yet.

speaking of which, NEWS ON THEORY???

Yes its cheating, you should just quit yoyoing.

Cheating with a YoYo?
I’m not quite sure how you can do that.

I’m sure someone will fill me in…