What's your favorite yoyo

What’s your favorite yoyo.

10ball deshilded tiny bit of thin lube

I don’t. I throw the whole yoyo. I lose fewer bearings this way.

If you mean “what bearings do you like” or “what bearing is in your yoyo?”, that’s a tiny bit different.

My go-to, the DM2, has a Terrapin X Wing-Cut bearing in it.

Some of my CLYW’s have Terrapin Xs in them as well.

I’m making sure all my One Drops have OD 10-balls in them.

Most of the rest are stock. I like the Konkave in my Phenom and Phenomizm, and got Konkaves to put in my Chaser and Speeder 2. If I like it, they’ll stay. But I haven’t yet so I have no comment.

My FHZ Pulse has a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake in it.

My modified FHZ has a stock Duncan A bearing in it, but it’s just been cleaned really really good. The mods coupled with the clean bearing make it dead unresponsive.

I have plenty of others, but as I said, they are stock. Whatever they came with, that’s what I use. I figure there’s a reason why a specialty bearing is in there, IF a specialized bearing is in there. Otherwise, if it’s a flat, I have no issue swapping it out with a flat, ASSUMING I have a different flat bearing to replace it with. Right now I do have SOME spare bearings but not a whole lot.

That answer it for you?

In possession: Sleipnir
Not in possession: Narwhal


Sasquatch… Fo shizzle ;D its the one I keep going back to, time and time again.

The dark magic by yoyojam. This is an awesome yoyo.


Code1 for 1a. Genesis for 5a.

How many of these post are we gonna have? ???
Well anyways,


Jeteyenight was right, this entheos is starting to grow on me…

Chief, Avalanche, 09 Severe, Macrocosm.

My Avalanche is currently in Spain, though. :’(

Oh, and Split D.

Boss, Yuuksta and Raptor are my current favs… though i tend to use the boss more than the other two.