Top 50 most annoying things in yoyoing

Hey guys tell me what the most annoying things are that have happened during yoyoing or what people say to you because you yoyo.

I’ll start.

1.Why would you pay $100 for a yoyo when you could buy a $3.00 one at Wal-Mart?!?
2."can i hold the hubstacks???
3.Really? you have your yoyo?

People call me such inappropriate and uncalled-for names that I just was to beat their…

I mean give them a big hug

People who look for things to complain about.

Go throw a freaking yoyo.


keep the numbers going

Oh, and I say BURN.

Yoyoing is uncommon
And you say omg i got my new yoyo and you say i speny $70 on it and there like i saw one at walmart for $3then you say ball bearing and they look at a butterfly
Then you go in to 1a 4A AND all that and they walk away lol

  1. Getting attacked by your yoyo…in…erm…places…(VERY painful ::))

That’s not something annoying that people say, it’s something annoying (and painful) that somethimes happens when you yoyo.


Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing is annoying about yo-yoing. Not even a little thing. Especially not a walk the dog question. I love walk the dog. Im bringing walk the dog back. Then Rock the Baby.

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aren’t you to old to be playing with kids toys

Lol, so true.

  1. You spent $100 on that!?!?!

  2. My favorite yoyo is the butterfly. :smiley:

  1. This terribly bad thread.

Seriously, this thread just sucks.

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Well then someones got there nickers in a twist,but still true.

  1. when people make stupid threads about what they think is annoying about yoyoing, seriously if you can name 50 things you dont like about something, then stop doing it…Really…Just stop…have your dad put a firewall up blocking all Yoyo sites, and have your mom drive you to the post office to ship em off somewhere far far away.
    Oh yeah most importantly, if you decide not to stop yoyoing, STOP MAKING THESE DUMB THREADS. theres already 50 of these threads…take 1 of each. BAM 50, theres 50, Mission accomplished lock the thread.
    KKTHNXBI…Thats enough flaming, off to throw…like you should instead of making dumb threads.

9 negativity in a community where its all based on “fun”, and helping each other out…

always the same people though.

  1. People who can’t count.


why does every one get mad how bout just say something bad that has happened to u when yoyoing not yoyoing itself
example 11.when the bearing gets stuck

What’s the most annoying thing about yoyoing?

Not being asked to walk the dog, not being asked why you spend $100 dollars on a yoyo.

It’s whiney little kids on forums who are complaining about yoyoing. If you don’t like it then stop yoyoing or stay in your house where the world can’t see you. You act superior as if your hobbies are better than other people’s.

…You guys do realize that your complaining about the OP’s complaining is even more annoying than the OP’s complaining to begin with right? It’s to the point where you got me complaining about you guys complaining about the OP’s complaining!

In all seriousness, though, it’s a yoyo forum guys. It doesn’t need to be strictly governed by a rigid measure of productivity resulting from each thread. It’s a place for us to come together as a community to voice our opinions, get help from each other, or sometimes even just vent.

True, the posts like this do get annoying after so many of them pop up, but if I could shed some light on a little secret here: every time someone flames this thread, it shoots right back up to the top, making it more visible to people browsing the forum and therefore less likely for it to die anytime soon. That’s the only reason I found this thread today because it was the most recently posted-in thread.

And for those of you too proud to admit to the inherent annoyances of this hobby (just as in any other hobby or activity one could be involved in), then I can only sigh and shake my head.

For instance, of course it’s annoying that after a year of throwing, I have to cross my fingers and pray for a decent boingy boing every time I go to do one.
It’s annoying that Guy Wright is so amazing at yoyoing and I can’t figure out some of his best tricks even when watching it in slo-mo and repeat over and over.
It’s annoying that even if I was to learn his tricks, it’d take me twice as long to get them as smooth as him.
It’s annoying that I feel like I need to learn those tricks that are so far out of my reach just because they’re so awesome.
It’s annoying that there’s no yoyo shop reasonably within a reasonable distance of me so that I can try out new throws before I buy them.
It’s annoying that there’s soooo many awesome new throws that have come out recently that I wish i had the money for…

I could go on but that doesn’t mean that I think any less of yoyoing as a whole. If you can’t approach the situation with humor (which I believe was the point of this thread in the first place), you’re taking it way too seriously.

Moreover, if you don’t have any constructive feedback, skip it altogether.