Yoyo jokes

Give it your best at jokes that invole yoyo.

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Let’s play it safe with the jokes… Also that one wasn’t yo-yo related. :wink:

So a yoyo walks into a bar…

that had to hurt

How do you remember to yoyo?

(Answer below, highlight to see)

Tie a string to your finger!

djjjyo doesnt support onedrop.

Ya know what they say about yoyoing.

It has it’s ups and downs.

Another good one: Kenny Strasser.

-shakes fist-

How fast does a yoyo spin?

At Mach 5!

Cheesy enough?

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why do yoyos hate boats? they get sea sick!

(highlight to figger out)

What did the yoyo say when it was traded many times? (Highlight to figure out.)

i highlighted your post. there is nothing there

You sir. Have been trolled. Welcome to the internet, we have things here.



What you just did was not trolling. That’s either called a mis-type or a failed post or ^^ pointless or otherwise useless.

I purposely did that post. There is no punchline. There was no mistype or failed post.

Why did the yoyo cross the road? Because it was walking the dog.

What are the three things that someone will say to you when you have a yoyo with you?

  1. Do walk the dog!
  2. Is that a special yoyo?
  3. I can’t get it to come up and down.

Highlight to the right of “A:” to see the answer

Yoyo’s are a joke :stuck_out_tongue: A: No, really

What do yoyo’s and life have in common? A: They have their ups and downs!

Why did Mr. example buy a heavy cream? A: It was Crucial

What’s a Yoyo’s favorite Movie? A: The Matrix

What do Emo yoyo’s do? A: Suicides

What is a farmers Favorite yoyo trick? A: Milk the Cow!

Why did Mr. example use Hardline as his first perk? A: To get a SR-71!

What is a yoyoers favorite part of a joke? A: The PunchLine!

What yoyo is for Emo’s? A: The Cut!

What is a Yoyo’s favorite video game? A: Call of Duty; Black Hops

Why did mr. Example think the yoyo was deaf when he was talking to it? A: It was unresponsive

its lame, and it wins at the same time!