Yoyo Games?!


So last night when I was practicing some tricks I started to wonder, are there any games throwers can play with eachother?

I thought of a couple, however I don’t have anyone to throw with so I really don’t know how they’d work out.

Anyways: a game like horse, where you throw a trick or a combo set and then the other person has to repeat it and if they miss it they get a letter first person to spell horse loses.

Another I thought of I don’t know the name of in other situations, but the idea is you throw a trick and the other person has to throw the same trick, however then they add a trick to it and you have to repeat it adding another one as well. First person to mess up the sequence loses.

Tell me some of your ideas! :smiley:


Off string catch.

(Rock Shouse) #3

How about who can throw the most consecutive suicides in-a-row?


Adrian La made up something like SKATE. Basically the same thing as SKATE, but with tricks. They can’t be combos though, because it can be somewhat unfair.


Yeah skate is exactly like horse. That would work as long as its tricks on the YYE website or tricks that both parties know.


My idea for yoyo horse is just like SK8 except you can dismount however you like, if you miss the string or land on the wrong string (basically mess up the trick) you get a letter.

But not just tricks, combos too. Like if someone throws a trapeze then an eli hop and then a reverse flip and another hop, you would have to do the whole combo.

Oh and if it’s something like barrel rolls or flips you have to do the same amount of rolls/flips.

I think this would really be a good way to practice and encouragement/inspiration to learn new tricks.

Because if you throw a trick the other person can’t do, they get a letter and if not- hey they learn a new trick.


I read a thing about, like, rock paper scissors, but instead it’s hook, Brent stole, laceration.

(velez_adrian) #8

There is yoyo. It’s were you get 6 people including you and you and another person compete to see who’s trick is the best and everyone else votes then you keep battling with other people in your group until you get a winner


Oh I meant how you bind doesn’t matter not how you dismount.
So if you end barrel rolls with a ripcord they also have to dismount with a ripcord etc.


When Drew Tetz is around we always play a game of ButterflyHorse for the past years.

Basically Horse with a Duncan Butterfly which makes it fun because it’s all short tricks. :slight_smile:


Boyd Seth came up with Yolf a while ago.

Basically take an offstring yoyo, set a target “goal” or whatnot and throw the yoyo offstring to try and get in the “hole” each throw = 1 stroke

there’s also “EXTREME YOLF” which is more like an obstacle course. Shorter courses, but the yoyo has to hit certain objects along the way.

note: never play yolf around breakable objects.


Offstring Jumpball
-Basically like three flies up but with offstring yo-yos and all the catchers having strings.

Knife Fights
-Competitors grasp off hands. Winner is the one to throw a trapeze around their opponents wrist with a return to the hand. Responsive yo-yos recommended.


Contest. There are some judges and competitors. The judges give and take off for tricks and mess-ups, respectively.


Trick circle isn’t really a game, but is really fun. When hanging out with friends, get in a circle. Someone starts out with a simple mount, and as you go around the circle, each person adds an element. Keep going until you have a combo everyone knows.


No, that wouldn’t work, I would just do a random amount of rolls and eli hops, expecting that they mess at least one up. They should have to do established tricks like latter escape, spirit bomb, or mach five


SKATE using tricks from the NYYC trick ladder, or YYE list to make it a little harder, but I don’t think many know all of the YYE tricks…