Yoyo games

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What are some games you guys play with your buds?
Only one we’ve seemed to play is a variation of horse. One person does a trick and we have to mimic it. If we fail we get a letter… etc.

What do you guys play?


There is a variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors you can play with yoyos. I think the tricks used in the game I heard about were plastic whip, laceration, and hook. Each person throws a sleeper and does one of the three tricks at the same time, and whoever’s trick has priority wins (i.e. laceration beats hook, hook beats plastic whip, plastic whip beats laceration). All three tricks are quick and start off looking about the same, so it’s pretty similar to doing the real Rock-Paper-Scissors except with the added challenge of having to land the trick and being able to do all three well enough to mix them up.

You can also try to read what the other person is doing and make last-second adjustments if you want an extra challenge, but then it gets really difficult to land your trick.

Why not make it laceration hook brent stole so that its kind of all the same motion so its not easy to detect.

You can do that too. Plastic whip uses the same basic motion as well, so either way works. Those are just the three tricks I remember being used when I heard about the game.

At first I thought that horse game would be fun, but now I don’t really think so… Like they have to be EXACTLY the same skill level, and what if I learned a tutorial that you didn’t and its like 20 seconds long? You would have no idea how to do it…

That’s why you play Horse with a fixed axle. It levels the field quite a bit.

When is the last time you tried a brian twister on a fixed axle. :wink:

besides its fun to try and “Throw 3 loop the loops with your off hand while standing on one foot”

When it snows outside my brother and I go out and set our throws up for off-string. WE throw them and see who can get the farthest. The yo-yo doesn’t get hurt either, it just lands in the snow and keeps spinning in place.

I played HORSE with my friend who also yoyo’s. I would do a trick, then he would have to do it too, then he would do one and Vice Versa. If you missed the trick, you would get a letter. It works better if they aren’t long combos, and it has to be a familiar trick (ex. Hook, Brent stole, chopsticks boing boing)