Are there any good Yo-Yo Games like S.K.A.T.E.?

Or Horse with a Basketball?

There is a game called “pink slips” that some people play. Basically you throw down your best trick and then someone else has to beat it (usually there’s other people watching who can judge). If you win, you get the other persons yoyo, but if you lose then they get yours.

Needless to say, people normally play with yoyos that they are willing to let go so things stay pretty friendly. :slight_smile:

Edit: found a video!

and of course there’s butterfly horse.
which is basically s.k.a.t.e., but in a big group of players trying to hit tough tricks on a duncan butterfly.

in 2013 it was me, blake, drew, berenguel, palli, red, and steve brown. it’s about the most fun ever if you get the right folks.

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That sounds like a ton of fun Ed.

I can see club having fun with something like this.

Flappy yo (flappy yoyo) its basically who can hit the most Green triangle suicides in a row.

Are there tutorials on how to do these games? And are there any 2 player yoyo games?