Okay, I hope i explain this well. IN my head these games sound awesome!
---------------------------------The Game of T.H.R.O.W.-----------------------
okay so first game i thought of is pretty much based off of skate, or horse. Basically you throw a trick, for an example we will say double or nothing you dismount the yoyo then pull it back up/bind it. (whatever way lol) as long as it returns properly its good then your opponent has to copy that trick and if they mess up the get a letter. and then this repeats just like a regular game of horse. I feel that if you fumble the yoyo on the bind you deserve a retry (but this could just be decided by the players) last trick gets two tries. and thats pretty much it! =D
Okay so the players decide who goes first by whatever means. The first player does one trick and i mean one. (so if you wanted to do a trick such as matrix which is really a “combo” the first trick would have to be double or nothing) then the player dismounts and binds. The the second player repeats the first trick then does their own trick lets say( he/she popped the yoyo into a sort of twisted brother mount) then they would dismount then bind. The next player(or the first player) would have to do the double or nothing hop into brother then do another trick to add to the combo! it is also a sort of memory game which i think would just be awesome. When someone fails at the combo they will receive a letter.

So thats it ask questions if you need to ive never heard of anyone doing anything like this with a yoyo so i just thought id post something maybe we could have some games online! =D post anymore suggestions guys and remember its all about having fun! ;D

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Technically, there is another yo-yo game, but it involves actual yo-yos.


I’ve played hose with yoyos before, I think the memory combo game would be really fun at club or large gathering of yoyoers where you have a whole circle of people to make the combo. Players who mess up would be out and a failed combo would prompt the next person start a new one and last player standing would win.

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I was thinking more on the lines of the yo-yo trust game… :stuck_out_tongue:

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i believe they meant horse.


I know xD
I was just being funny


Brett Grimes and Jacob Gross made a video a while back of them playing horse with yoyos. They also made some videos of other games. You can find them on Brett’s channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ibanezcollector?feature=CAQQwRs%3D He also plays guitar, so there are vids of that too


I did, thanks


I love bret ;D


Yo-Yo HORSE is greatly improved with the addition of a Duncan Butterfly.


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I think that =D one seems pretty cool.


A lot of them are which is better threads…


Like, 5 >.>


Eh, still a lot. ^^


I love playing THE GAME.

Yoyo games are fun…


ya i saw some yoyo games that brett and jake did loved them! i just curious if anyone else new some other games and i really like the idea of a big group playing the COMBO game

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The yo-yo trust game is simple. You take someone who can throw 4a and they stand behind you and you stand still. They whip the yo-yo around your head and if you get hit, you cut them with pliers. I"ve only seen it once with these two , but it looks legit.


2 person 4A is fun! see how may time you can pass it to the other person! try whipping it! also an idea! 4A basket ball. you have to land the yoyo on a string streched between 2 poles to score! you can pass to others. if the yoyo dies on you, your team gets a foul. you are allowed to regen, just no holding the yoyo and throwing it. you can whip it out of the air to steal. best played with a big yo! (what do guys think of the idea!?!)