Yo-yo themed party games?


I’m having a birthday party tomorrow, and I want to have some games that use a yo-yo, like a longest sleeper contest. the guests don’t have much yo-yo experience, so it can’t be too hard. I’m going to dollar tree today to pick up a few yo-yos. Put your ideas here, please!


Happy prelated birthday! My only suggestion would be a game of horse, just with simple yoyo tricks. You could show your friends all a trick and then they would try to repeat it. The winner would be the person who did the most tricks without spelling yo-yo or something like that.


Drag race - Throw sleeper, remove from finger, set on ground (like walk the dog), let go, see who goes farther (or crosses a line first)

Bowling - Same basic concept but knocking over “pins” of some sort.

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See who can learn the most tricks in a set time period! Think the first 5ish in the trick ladder.


Totally doing this.

This is good too.


Flappy yoyo: get into the easiest possible green triangle way, and do suicides with the triangle until you mess up count the number of suicides you hit until you mess up, thats your score, pretty frustrating, like the actual game, but everybody might not be able do do it.


That’s…kind of awesome. xD


But you have get rid of stupid knots.


More motivation to never miss! xD


that would be cool, and i will do it myself, but these people arent yoyoers. they dont know what a green triangle or a suicide is. but im trying that tomorrow, and posting my score. ;D


Thanks, I showed my friends and they were all like WHAT!

Its annoying like the actual Flappy Bird.


That’s happening. Right after dinner. I’ll post my high score I get tonight on here tomorrow


Should I make a thread for flappy yoyo scores?


I would have no objections with that. My score last night was 8… not sure how good that is in all honesty lol


I got 5, so far.

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If you’re legal (to drink), then try this! Have someone start, and do a trick and Challenge someone to mirror it. If the Person fails to land it, have a shot! Have fun, and seriously. Be responsible.


Flappy Yoyo…I like that!

Games we used to do as kids were what we called “Dog Fights.” Basically, 2 of us would face each other and walk the dog. Who’s ever “dog” knocked over the other “dog” would win that round.

And of course we had the sleeper contest, and see how many tricks we could squeeze in on a fixed axle yoyo.

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Red Triangles