The Official Flappy Yoyo Scores Thread (+ Contest!)


Here it is folks, an official flappy yoyo score thread!
For anyone who doesn’t know the game, you get into a green triangle and do suicides until you miss, and that’s your score. I’ll keep the second post updated with everyone’s individual scores as well as a total high score. Let’s do this!
Thanks to Raptor T. for the game and FinalFantasy9001 for the idea to make a thread for it!

Edit: Here’s a link to the original semi-discussion about it started (most recently that I know of),74978.msg842316.html#msg842316

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Highest score so far: 43 DoubleBass
Pajamas: 16
FinalFantasy9001: 5
stuarttw: 41
Shadowz143: 31
andy569: 7
DoubleBass: 43
LinksLegionaire: 17
PinappleJumpsuit: 16 (17?)
AngryGumball: 1
N8dogg: 17
Logi: 34


Where are we supposed to post? 12 btw


On my fourth try I only got 31. :-\


Not sure I understand the question.

Wow nice!


Agh why does it have to be suicides, I’m so bad :smiley:


Haha cool game! I’ll try it in a bit.


It’s totally worth it andy! I started only being able to do 3 or 4, but then pretty quickly doubled that! Then I realized it was 1AM and should probably get some sleep xD. Tonight’s gonna be a flappy night so expect a new score from me tomorrow. Shooting for 32 :stuck_out_tongue:


It is like like flappy bird… I got 7 the first time then kept trying but couldn’t top it and got more and more annoyed because of the knots then I just threw my yoyo on the couch angrily and walked away xD


I keep trying to beat my highscore of 31. I didn’t even get a knot when I got 31. The yoyo was almost dying so I popped it out of the GT and binded. The main issue for me having difficulties catching the suicide is that after a while the tension of the string goes wack and it’s almost impossible to catch!


Well I got to 30!

So close!


(Now Ive gotta beat that…)


Highest I got was 17 and then my tension went to heck.


My tension went bad around 25…

The 35th triangle was almost gone


Is using a Red Triangle considered cheating?



The suspense of having a knot if you drop it is the fun of the game!


I got 17, but 16 of regular suicides.

(velez_adrian) #17

I’ll try this tomorrow, watch me come back with 50


To everyone getting bad string tension after a lot of repetitions, would using a swivel help?


Yup, this is the best I could do!

Update: Just after doing this quick clip, I landed 1!


Hahaha, I’m going to have to try this tomorrow.