Will using a better yoyo help with suicides?

I use a Dark magic 2 which should be more than fine, but its rather beat up (as i was learning it hit the ground quite a few times haha). Im going to be getting a CODE 2 next, do you think that will help open up those loops or is it more likely something else im doing wrong? I cant seem to get the loops to open very much at all?

More about technique. I suck at them so I couldn’t help you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suck at them, too, but I cannot for the life of me imagine that the yoyo itself would help. This is one of those tricks that’s all about technique.

Better string might help, but again, it’s about technique.

In the middle of the suicide, try giving a little pull with your throwhand. Also, experiment with different points of release.

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It helps to have your string looser than normal. Si you get a bigger loop. It also helps if your string is heavier. So it is nice and slow so you can catch your loop.

Make sure you have newer string and trying putting a few fingers in to make the loop bigger

I’ve learned that you can be great at suicides, but if you have bad string, it’s not going to happy. Get some good string (you don’t want it too fast at whipping) I use BG1s and they work great.

Watch the video on Definitive Yoyoing(Miguel Correa’s blog) It helped me some and I used my Dark Magic II. My Summit has not helped me hit suicides more often. Practice is key. Good luck:D

This. Miggy’s video is quite helpful. String tension is also key. “Better” or “worse” string isn’t nearly as important as string tension. You want absolutely no tension at all, especially when you’re learning and they’re new. If it starts to wrap up on itself and “collapse” so to speak while it’s in the air after being released but before being caught you’re going to have a very difficult time catching that loop.

Good luck!

try oppening the loop before you do the suicide

The only way I can do a suicide is having a perfect string tension, then it goes back to normal…

have slightly loose string tension, and open up the loop with all your fingers as you throw it. try different strings as well, some open up more than others.

Like everyone else said, get better string.
It will be incredibely hard to learn suicides on a DM2 because of the high wall. Getting a yoyo with a low wall will help a lot.

It would be ridiculous to use a responsive yoyo if that helps :stuck_out_tongue:

This is wrong and I don’t want anyone to get confused by it. Waylon described the technique, which is pretty much what it’s all about. I’m sure string choice would help, but I only use cheap stuff so I wouldn’t know.

I would say string is a pretty big part considering when I use high quality string, I can land any kind of suicide 10/10 times. I never practice them either.

I would say string is a pretty big part considering when I use high quality string, I can land any kind of suicide 10/10 times. I never practice them either.

I use type 6 1005 poly string, is that considered good string for this? i do notice they get harder after 2 or 3 hours on a string

I would suggest something a little thicker, and it usually helps if it has a nylon blend in it. It won’t instantly make you amazing at them, but it definitely will help.

Make sure your string isnt too tight or too loose. Nice and even… or preferably just a little on the looser side not too much… and when ur doing it exaggerate the motion and do it at a slow smooth pace, opening the loop ahead of time might help a little too… make sure to try to get ur finger in the loop when the gap is at its widest, with practice, you can get ur swings consistent an dyou’ll know where that is wenever you do it. Good luck!