Need advices on how to Suicide !!

As the title said it above , i really need help on suicide , so far i can do it around 1 out of 15 times so yeah , i’m in needed of some help about :

  • How to make the loop open bigger ?
  • Does string tension involed in doing this trick ?

When just starting out, open the whole trapeze with your hand instead of just your pointer finger to make the loop bigger.

And yes, string tension means a lot in this trick. You need almost perfect string tension so the loop doesn’t curl up and close.

1 Like has a good tutorial on this. As you swing the yoyo down and around your throw hand, you kind of mirror the arc of the yoyo with your throw hand, making like a small circular motion, to allow some slack in the string so the loop can open up more. I can’t hit it consistently, either, but when I do, it’s because I followed this tip from the RethinkYoyo post, and made sure the string tension was absolutely neutral.

He is right about string tension now what I find what helps alot for me to do this trick is do a laceration or 2 before so you get the movement of sticking you finger in the loop. I also find that swinging it back and forth helps you get ready to catch that loop. Plus a semi-responsive Yoyo helps get that loop bigger.

i do follow the instruction on Rethink . Just needed to know more :stuck_out_tongue:

Try it from a 1.5 mount, also try it from a double or nothing. It gives more momentum.

I also find green triangle suicides are easier, riskier though. That trick from rethinkyoyo is a bit hard, but does the trick.

As was said already, string tension is relatively significant.

For suicides, Jesse Christe has the best advice I’ve seen yet. This thread was what taught me to land suicides consistently.!


after the toss of the yoyo, pull the string through the gap while it is in the air it will open the loop even with twisted string. It is not an easy motion to learn simular to boing e boing, and pop n fresh.
You will get better over time though. I don’t suicide much any more so I have lost most of what I had learned. so once you do get it keep it a normal part of your tricks if you want them to stay consistant.

the later you let go of the trapeze/GT the bigger the loop is :slight_smile:

alot of good tips so far, another thing that I have found really helpful with suicide it to make sure when you are swinging the loop around, that you have a fluid circular motion. if the release is too abrupt or if you throw too much to the side it makes catching the loop that much more difficult. once you have the right motion down you can land it pretty effortlessly (also triple or nothing to suicide is super fun and does help with momentum)

I found this video by Miguel Correa. Since the video linked in the post is no longer available, I needed something visual to go with the words. This seemed to help:

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OMG thanks , after i watch this video , my suicide went from 1/20 to 6/10 times :slight_smile: . Thanks so much ebilflindas

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I had similar results too! Glad I could help!

It’s the first part of that video that’s helpful to me. I was trying to just kind of throw the yoyo around the throw hand without the strings going against the throwhand fingers. Not that I was intentionally avoiding that contact; I just wasn’t intentionally making sure it happened. :wink:

I had no troubles seeing the other video from earlier in the thread; it must’ve gone offline only in the past day or two. It didn’t help me much and nor did the written instructions. I was still failing just as often as before. :wink: We’ll see how this one does for me.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Pulling the loop open very big by extending your fingers outwards before throwing it makes it way easier.

So far so good , been managed to do 4 times in a row now :wink:

I still suck the same as always.

When I swing the trapeze over your TH, I always throw the loop over my index and middle.