Suicide Tips

Hey guys,

I’m trying to get suicide down and I know it needs a lot of practice. I know I’m going to have to practice a lot but was wondering if you guys have any tips on getting those loops nice and big for my finger to catch. Any tips on getting the loop bigger that you guys use?


stick all your fingers in the trapeze loop on your non throw hand.

Have good string tension

string tension and practice

at first i thought this was about actual suicide lol

Guns work well. I mean… :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of just tossing the loop around and hoping to catch it, move your throwhand in a circular motion. Kind of draw a 9 from the bottom actually. This will help open the loop up.

Tension doesn’t really matter.

Just go fast and make it smooth. Also, practicing on a responsive yoyo is really hard, so that will help too.

tension does matter or it will just twirl up

The wider the swinging motion is under your throwhand the better the loop will open up. so make sure you kind of exaggerate the swing. plus as stated make sure your string tension is neutral…

Good Luck!

if you can’t do it right away, then practice actually grabbing the loop, after you are able to grab the loop well. Then next get good string tension, then try to catch the loop. good luck

Think about the distance between the yo-yo and your throwhand. The only reason that the string bunches up (besides tension) is that this distance gets bigger. The string gets pulled, the loop closes. Never let that distance get bigger. There’s two ways to do this:

  1. Follow the yo-yo with your throwhand, just like Apetrunk suggested.

  2. Try to throw the yo-yo so that it comes down close to your throwhand. Make the yo-yo land closer to your throwhand than where it was when you let go of the string.

There is a certain timing involved in most every suicide.
I assume you make sure to have good string tension when you do suicides, because that is just a given. When you do a suicide to me there is usually a second when the loop looks the most catchable to you. Kind of like a sweet spot. Thats the moment your finger should dart into the loop. Once you get this timing down, you shouldn’t have much of a problem- you’ll get it.

I practiced by just catching the suicide with a pinch instead of my index finger. After I got that down I could pretty much do the index finger every time. Just don’t let it teach you bad habits.

this is from the extreme spin forum, by jesse christe. he has some of the cleanest suicides you can find anywhere. he can do doubles on an imperial!


It’s kind of tough to describe. but learning proper technique will make the difference between getting an ugly twisted inch-wide loop, and a loop that’s big enough to land on your head regardless of string tension or string type

First of all, don’t think of doing suicides as swinging the yoyo to make the string loop and yoyo flip, but think of them instead as simply rotating your hand around the yoyo (the suicide loop will follow). There should be very little swing.

A. from a trapeze: slide the yoyo closer to your throw hand (i.e. slide right on the string connected to your throwfinger) then once it’s about an inch from your hand release the loop.

B. Begin rotating your hand around the yoyo while slightly pulling with your throw hand constantly. This will open up the loop and keep it from twisting although this will take lots of practice to get this right.

C. Have your left pointer finger pointed slightly to the right, this will make it so the loop will land on your finger instead of having to insert your finger into the loop (will look much better) and improve your consistency

whenever you catch the loop the yoyo will be farther from your throwhand again (since you’ve been pulling throughout the whole suicide) so use the momentum from catching the loop to re-slide the yoyo towards your throwhand and repeat as many times as you want

if you ever want to get nice consistent suicides you can’t just occasionally do a single suicide every once in a while. practice doing them all consecutively without pausing in between. the more you practice this, your suicides will eventually start becoming better naturally and you’ll naturally start learning technique. might take a few months of trying to use proper technique until it actually starts working though. and after a while, suicides will get about as difficult as doing walk the dog.

learn with a small bearing and padded yoyo. these will open up loops so much better than large bearing siliconed yoyos. freehand zeros, addicts, mk2s, ect. have the potential to put out monster loops (once you’ve got the feel for proper technique that is. i can explain the reason why small bearing yoyos make bigger loops if you want…).

there’s lots of other little things to help your suicides that i didn’t explain, but they would be really hard to explain in text. after doing suicides enough you should stumble upon these ‘little things’

other than that just devote maybe 20% of your practice time each day towards doing nothing but consecutive suicides (remember no pauses in between. as soon as you catch the suicide loop let the yoyo swing/slide itself into the next suicide)

after a few months of practicing these tips your technique should start improving and getting 50 suicides or so in a row will be pretty effortless. i’m not very good at explaining things but i think you can get the gist of what i mean.


That video was amazing! I’ve never heard of any of the stuff he was doing besides the basic suicide or suicide to cross-arm. I’ve also never heard that there was any “proper technique” for suicides. So much to practice…

When I talked to him about it he said he used to practice suiceds all day and could do a quintuple suicide…(5x)

It shows. I just wish I had that much ambition (and time? lol). Is he the only one that does the double, triple, etc. suicides, or have I just been completely naive of them all this time? I’ve really never heard of this stuff.

He’s the only personn I know of that can do anything more than a double suicide.

Thank you very much guys!

Ed for posting the vid and tips, and RedWarp for the link to this thread.

Reading that post and watching the video made me understand the suicide-trick. I never really bothered with them, too hard for me. But after reading that I got up and just did it!! Kinda saw and felt how to open the loop… Got up to 5 consecutive (but choppy) ones and 3 smooth ones. Awesome. Thank you!

if you mean double suicide do you mean like throwing it again right after a normal trapeze suicide catch and catching it again the same way? i learned this trick like a week ago and landed 3 in a row on same finger, 2 times, 2 different fingers! im only on Advanced so that makes me pretty happy! the string might have been twisted on some i dont remember so i dont know if that counts… I thought you guys might want to know this kid is on youtube and claims to hold the record for 28 trapeze suicides in “Junior Division” but has landed over 100 on his own time!

–This video is beyond impressive its like every suicide you can do!

A double wrist whip doesn’t mean you do it twice…you whip it twice. Jesse can push the loop around the yoyo up to 5 times and land it. I also know Jesse hasn’t landed a suicide 100 times, it’s virtually impossible because after about 70 your string tension will be too messed up to even see a loop.