So, i am going back to the suicide trick, but when I throw it it binds back to me or the string is too close and i cant catch it. Any Ideas? ??? ???


When you throw, throw smoother, so it doesnt snag. Mkaing sure it doesnt snag is the most important thing if you dont catch it. Also, which yoyo?

Hi, yes I have been trying to get this trick consecutively as well. You have to make sure that you have plenty of slack when you trow the yoyo/loop around your throwhand. Also make sure your string tension is nice and loose otherwise you will have extreme difficulty landing it. Suicides are difficult, and I have still not been able to get them down consecutively. I have also found that it helps trying to land it using all the fingers on my non-throwhand in hopes I can least get one finger in that loop once it comes around my throwhand. Sounds confusing I know, but I hope this helps.

Well, i remember doing like 4 in a row with a new string, and then i couldn’t do it anymore after the yoyo went out of control and messed up my tension.

Remember, the tension is really important, just get a new string and do it with it fresh. The fresher and newer the string is, the easier it is.

You also wanna practice your throws. After hitting one, if you hit the second one, you will most likely hit the 3rd. Just practice, its hard.

Thanks, i got my G-string and used it the first time and got it twice! Thanks for the help!


I think the normal suicide is harder than a suicide in a 1.5 mount. It looks more cool too. I coulden’t find any videos of it so here.

Go into a 1.5 mount
swing it over to the right (if your a right hand person) and left if your a left hand person.

Let go of EVERYTHING and let the yoyo go up and over like a suicide. they will have a loop thats MUCH bigger than the normal suicide.

Catch it and you will be in a trapeze.

so 1.5mount swing to the right (suicide way) and let go of everything, get ready for the loop catch it with your non throw hand and your in a trapeze!

I think it’s easier. I will try to make a video of it later.


If you swing the yoyo a bit more, the bigger the loop will be.
Happy throwing!


here is a video of a suicide in 1.5 mount it is the second one

Lol, i was just about to post that video.  Oh well, you did it before me. Lol well the 1.5mount suicide i think is easier.

Here’s some tips from me: First, you need to make a string straighter. Second, go to trapeze and put all your non-throw fingers into the loop (it will help). Third, do a suicide trick and PRACTICE catching.

I hope this helps,
Happy Throwing! =]