Whenever I try suicide on my yoyo it just binds.

What yoyo are you using?

dm, but if I use my dv888 it USUALLY won’t bind(because I took out an oversized silicone ring)

You want to use a really unresponsive yoyo to learn suicides.
And learning them, I suggest watching HCJesse’s video on suicides. Helps A LOT.

Use a responsive yoyo to learn suicides. You’ll get better loops then (assuming you’re using good technique).

try to copy the pulling motion done in this video when you do suicides… (little dark) (and at the beginning of this video)

If you have an adjustable gap yoyo, when I put it on the tightest gap setting and I seem to land suicides alot more often. I don’t know why it works better, but just be thankful that it does ;D And (if you haven’t heard this enough yet) PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Hope this helped! :wink:

I have no idea what you are doing but it just dawned on me when I tried to do a suicide only from a sleeper, I did it like backwards and CRACK, make sure when you are tossing the loop it is not going in a binding direction. Again this is a no brainer but I was just messing around and cracked my elbow because I wasn’t paying attention.

I have a question about this too. Every time it goes under/over my throwhand, the string twists. I’ve heard about tension and have read all the forums on this and I’ve tried new string and everything and I can’t keep a loop at all. About once every 20 times it gives a decent loop and I nail it. I’m using yoyonation 100% poly highlights and a modified duncan drifter (widened gap to 4.0 added dif-pads and a kk bearing). I have however noticed that after I let go of the string with my nonthrowhand if I put my finger on the string and slide it under the yoyo like a laceration and let it fall back on the string I can nail it that way like 20 times in a row but is that still considered a suicide. My yoyo buddies tell me they can’t see a difference between the two methods because its so fast. Doing it that way I’ve notice a couple of times I was late and acually put my finger on the string just before the yoyo so I did hit a real suicide. Thoughts please.

When doing a suicide, it does help if the string tension is where it should be, or the string will tend to twist, and make the gap harder to “catch” because it will be smaller. When I started suicides, I caught the string rather and putting my finger in, just until I got the motion. I also find it easier to do a suicide from a 1.5 mount. I wish I could make a vid right now to help out :-\

open the gap really wide, clean your bearing, and put thin lube in to it

I tend to grab not catch the loop whitch is a problem

When I was first starting into suicides, instead of putting my finger into the loop, I would catch the entire thing. After I did this for a while, I started to actually look for the loop to open up before I caught it. Then I transitioned into actually putting my finger into the loop. Also, a 1.5 suicide is (IMO) the easiest suicide to catch. It seems that if my string is loose enough to do that suicide, any other suicides are cake. Hope this helped in some way.

try not moving your throw hand

Are you throwing from a Breakaway?

Also, make sure it’s a circular motion, to avoid a string wrap that can bind. It’s happened before. I’ve gotten slipknots from bad suicides.

Really, you’ve just got to practice.

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