Suicides and responsiveness...what am I doing wrong?

I’m not very good at suicides. If I have proper string tension I can catch normal suicides, 1.5 and doubles pretty frequently. With 1.5 specifically I seem to be running into some weird issue where if I move my throw hand away from the yoyo in a certain way, it binds in mid air and this frequently results in a yoyo crashing into my NTH to the point where it has multiple bruises and a gash in it from a sharp rim. Additionally, if I miss getting my finger in the loop I seem to cause the yoyo to bind which frequently results in the same painful experience. I’m not very good at figuring out what exactly is happening with the string during tricks, so what am I doing wrong/what am I causing to happen here? Any advice on how to improve my technique to avoid it? The issue is a lot more prevalent with poor string tension but even when my loops are opening perfectly this can happen.

Are you using a breakaway or a sideways front throw? What yoyo?

Breakaway. It’s not the yoyo it is something wrong in my technique. It can happen with any yoyo/response system/bearing/string. It’s like there is somehow some backspin occurring but I can’t figure out how a normal suicide would have backspin.

You are probably letting too much string bunch up in the gap of the yoyo. Try to keep your hands just far enough apart to prevent loose bunches of string. Also try to watch the alignment of your hands so that the string does not unnecessarily rub against the walls/other strings during the suicide.

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Awesome, thank you for the suggestion. Been keeping my hands closer together on the initial swing over my hand and it seems to have completely solved this issue and also seems to make the trajectory of the yoyo more predictable and thus easier to catch. My bruised and beaten nth thanks you as well.

Tell your knuckles I said “You’re welcome!”