Help with "SUICIDES"!

Hey guys i need some help with suicides. When i get ready to throw it, the yoyo snaps back at me? Do you guys know what im doing wrong. Also, sometimes when i get it i catch the string with my hand instead of my finger. Any tips? I tried watch andre do it but its hard to follow. Thanks.

Sounds like you may be set up a bit too responsive. Try opening up your gap a little bit and see if that helps the snapping back issue. As for catching it on your hand, that’s a good start, especially if you’re getting the loop to open that wide. Putting in some good practice hours is unfortunately the only cure, but if you can get it on the whole hand, just back off on the catch a little bit. You’re on the right track.

What yoyo are you using?

It might be coming back because the string isn’t sliding on your fingers. This is a common problem. Get a new string or dry your hands off.

If you can catch it with your whole hand, you can do it with your finger. Just don’t push your hand as far forward.

Also, are you starting with a breakaway? If not, the yoyo will be spinning the wrong direction, and it will do exactly that even if your yoyo is set up unresponsive.

Brad is totally right. However, it seems to me that if I do throw a sleeper and successfully throw one the loop is huge.

My best advice is to throw a Breakaway and make sure you are being as smooth as possible.

ither string isint sliding across your fingers or your string tension mabe your yoyo is just a little to responsive.

So when you catch the string with your hand, do you mean getting you whole hand through or do you mean you’re just reaching out and grabbing the string instead of going through the loop?

I’m guessing you mean you’re grabbing it.

I throw a bully. and yeah i do grab the string, ill like see the loop and try to stick my finger in it but i hesitate than i just end up grabbing it. Sometimes i dont throw breakaways. Thanks for the advice guys.

don’t hesitate if you miss so what? the world won’t end(atleast i hope it won’t) just try your best and just go for it and put your finger in the loop.

i never throw breakaways, but i hardly find a problem with suicides. is it because i’m left handed or something?

That’s good for you. I’m glad. But please don’t bring back old topics. This was from…8 months ago.

Wow, why do people bring back 1 year old topics? lol

Haha most of them probably don’t look for or see the date of the last post.

it depends what kind of response or string your using. if you have to much response try to find a way to make it unresponsive. and the string has to be loose and depends on the throw too but idk some ppl have diffrent ways

Responsiveness doesn’t have anything to do with how well you can do suicides if you’re doing them right.