When I do Suicide the yo-yo either shoots back to my hand {OW!!!} or the loop comes out of the gap of the yo-yo? Can anyone give me some advice.


if your yoyo is o-ring or k-pad you can take out one of them to mak it not shoot back to your hand. If hybrid you can get like 100grit sandpaper and sand down the starburst hope this helps :wink:

                                 -Jerry (a.k.a. its honza)

I don’t think that messing with response systems will help you out. If your binds start to slip because you want an advantage when you are doing suicides, you are not in any kind of better situation. I personally think that you should swing the yoyo with the right momentum and speed. Try to find that sweet spot. You could also try to swing with both of your hands. If you do so, you won’t have any problems with the yoyo snapping back at you and your binds will still be nice and tight. Just keep practicing. Suicides do take a lot of practice and you can’t expect to learn them in a minute. The setup is easy, but they are hard to land.

Addment: Just keep on practicing, there is no need to stop.

Make sure you throw a Breakaway. A regular throw can toss it like a bond. Its happened to me. I know what you mean. Try widening the gap, changing the response, or throw the loop lighter instead of a quick motion. Starburst, O-Ring, or Hybrid can snag. Any silicone should work.

I’d recomend a less responive… response I guess… If you have a yoyojam you can probably loosen the gap. I could never do suicides with my FAST 201. It just shot back to my hand. Another thing is I find it easier to swing the yoyo a little more before letting go of the string. This makes sure the yoyo goes all the way around.

Good luck!

You can do suicides on a yoyo with YYJ hybrid response. You don’t need to take out the O-rings, sand down the starburst or adjust the gap. I do them on my SpeedMaker with the stock response, stock bearing (broken in) and the tightest gap possible. And I’m not sure if this is normal, but I feel that my loops come out bigger with a tighter gap. Just give it a good swing and catch that loop. If you miss that loop the yoyo might snap back on you, but that is a part of learning. As said before, just keep on practicing, you will eventually get it.

Addment: If you have the possibility of widening the gap and feel that your yoyo is too responsive, you can adjust it as you please.

The snagging problem sounds like when you throw the loop over it is hitting into the gap instead of following the yoyo around. Just work on trying to get the yoyo moving a little bit faster around your hand and it should make the loop just follow it. Also like Spencer said, don’t do really quick motions. make it nice and smooth and “feel” the yoyo going around. It’s difficult to try to describe what I mean by that but when you start to get it you will know what I mean.