Ninja Vanish and Scuicide

okay so when i do a NV i can get it at times but feel im just getting lucky and feel i do not control it… and i also land it in a very very small triangle and its harder to get it out… and tips?!? and for scuicide i feel the same way maybe it should just take some more practice but i miss the loop everytime but i feel its because my loop is just too small. help guys :wink:

When throwing suicides try throwing the yoyo more upwards and let it come down and over your hand naturally. That’s what I started doing to open up the loops. Ninja Vanish just takes practice. You’ll get it one day.

For suicides, you want to throw the loop over your hand, not the yoyo (if that makes sense). As the yoyo is coming up and around, let go before it gets too much momentum. If the yoyo goes to fast, it will pull the loop right back in. Also, very important to have good string tension, or the loop will twist immediately!
Another small tip, do it in really good lighting or outdoors! I was trying to learn this at night in my home. Kept missing. Tried again the next day, and I started landing it almost every time, because I could see the loop!

okay so ive been practicing and i can get them both. my suicides still need work… but im getting pretty good with the ninja vanish… sadly i cant do them with my new yoyo as much as i can with my grindmachine i just bought a popstar… and it hurts DX i love it (my first metal yoyo) but it catches to easy anyone ever hear of this or have any tips to fix it?

maybe the bearing needs to brake in or you need to clean it.

can you give more details on how it happens like at what part

its when i pop the yoyo up. the string like ravels up and it catches i guess and just flys up… do you need a visual??

I also have a popstar (also my first metal!) and it had the same problem at first. The bearing just needs to be broken in a little bit , also make sure your string tension is good and make sure you are using 100% polyester string

it sounds like your yoyo is too responsive. Try a bigger bearing, using thin lube, or cleaning the bearing with mineral spirits. These methods will help make the yoyo less resposive, and stop ‘catching’ when you pop it up.