Suicide help.


Every time I try to do a suicide the string either catches and the yoyo comes back or the loop never forms and the string gets all twisted. I’ve tried doing it with new strings but I still can’t really get my finger into the loop. Do you guys have any tips for this or is it one of those things where practice is key?


Practice is they key when getting your finger into the loop, timing and speed is essential. Just keep practicing swinging it around your hand.

Also, adjust your string tension, that will make sure that it doesn’t get twisted up. If its not twisted up, then practice.

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Practice is a key to this trick. You need to give it the right amount of momentum when you swing it. And I’m not sure if this is a fact, but for me, it helps to use both hands when I’m swinging. I find it to give a slightly bigger loop. You also need completely neutral tension. If you don’t have that, the loop will twist itself together pretty easily. You can catch a suicide with bad tension but you will have a lot of twists in the string.

Addment: Just keep practicing. One time you’ll get it and scream like a 6-year old girl on Super-Shok Flakx.


Thanks for the replies, I’ll keep practicing and hopefully end up screaming like a 6 year old girl.

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You left out the funny detail :stuck_out_tongue:


Make sure to have prefect string tention. Aim, swing, and don’t let it snag. If you need, put 2 fingers in the Trapeze to make the loop bigger, then swing. It is a bit tricky to get, but keep doing it. You’ll get it. :wink:


try doing a reverse side style brain twister and go right into the suicide, two advantages are there is more monentum when you go around your throwhand and therefore there is a better loop with constant motion.

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one thing i like to do is use bright string like yoyonations highlights
it helps see the string better and wat yoyo are you using

here is were i buy them


I’ve got orange strings from this site, I’ll try using those instead. Thanks.

Edit; I’m using a G5, but I’m alternating between a meteor and hitman too.


dont kill yourself!!!


Haha. Naw, it’s when you land in a Trapeze, and swing the loop letting go, and re-catching it. I’m sure you’ve seen it. :wink:


like the little people on bars? and ropes?


No. Sounds like you have a lot of learning to do.



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Trapeze is a pretty basic yoyo trick.


oh i can do that
i just dont name tricks
my friend taught me some


Thanks, Pheenix.

He’s used to the Gravity Pull Yo-Yos. Duncan Butterfly/Imperial.