finally landed two consecutive suicides. Thanks andre

wow i was clicking o the wrong button to post, please ignore the poll

And that’s why you had to make this thread? I’m mean, yeah, he does do great suicide tutorials. But…you could just message him.

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Congrats. That is tricky

Haha, I am working on this one too and have only been able to land it a couple of times. I have more success when I do the little roll before that he shows at the end. I just have a heck of a time getting a big enough loop to grab. I did have to laugh a little bit because so far this was the only trick that I think Andre missed in the tutorial more than he landed. It is just that tricky of a trick.

In addition to Andre’s tutorial, perhaps this one would be of assistance… There’s a tip at 1:01 in there that has helped my suicide consistency tremendously.

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Loved the Tutorial. That is my biggest problem is getting that loop to open up and I bet that is going to help a lot. Can’t wait to try it.


It seems like the only way I can get the loop to open big enough for me to catch is if I spread it open with my freehand before I try to loop the yoyo. Is this cheating lol?

There’s a certain throw hand motion I do to spread the loops wide open. I don’t just swing the slack around but also move my hand around with it. Maybe try something like that to see if you’re having more success opening the loops.

Release the loop when the yoyo is just under your throwhand. People always think you have to release the loop at the same time you swing the yoyo.

Let it swing, then release loop. This will make the loop bigger no matter what. But make sure your string tension is good.

YES this helps so much!

I’ve been messing with suicides for a few months as I have time and I could never do them consistently or even very well.  It was like pur luck that the loop was good and that I caught it.  I watched this tutorial and I was doing multiple suicides in a row with the string in the right position.  Great stuff.

I can only land it if I just fixed the string tension, and the string tension is absolutely perfect. If I do a trick in between suicides, the loop doesn’t open up because of the string tension.