YoyoExpert Fixed Axle Challenge: The Kickflip Suicide Shootout!!!!!!

How many Kickflip Suicides can you do in a row?
(Ok, I’m not sure, but the most I could fit into an Instagram video was 5.)

Anyway, that’s the question we’re asking with this little follow-up to last month’s Fixed Axle Challenge. You’ve got 1 WEEK to see how many of Drew’s trademark trick you can hit in a row. The winner will be crowned Kickflip Suicide Shootout Champion and take home a sweet (and huge) Free Spirit yo-yo from Once Upon a Tree!

Rules Rules Rules!

  1. You may only use a FIXED AXLE YO-YO.

  2. You must post your YouTube or Instagram video AND the number of consecutive Kickflips you hit (in text) in this thread.

  3. The contest ends on 6/10/15 at 9pm EST. No posts after that time will be considered.

  4. You may try (and post) as many times as you like before the countdown is over. (Bluffs and psych-outs are encouraged, but obviously trash-talking will get you disqualified.)

  5. All Kickflips must be clear and in frame on video.

  6. You MUST regenerate the yo-yo back to the hand after your last Kickflip. NOTE: you may not bring the yo-yo back after MISSING a Kickflip. Any misses will disqualify your entry!

Note that this contest is open to ANYONE with a fixed axle yo-yo - not just those who participated in the Fixed Axle Challenge. Do YOU have the consistency and focus needed to be crowned Kickflip Shootout Champion??? You’ve got a week… Better get flipping!!!

Oh boy. I’m in!

Edit: YOu can bring the yoyo back to your hand in any way after you’re done, right?

Was just doing this last night! Should’ve turned the camera on! I’ll see what I can come up with.

Here we go again :smiley: I’ll give it a shot.

Yep! Fully wound to the hand however you please.

I’m stoked to see what people can get. Id love to see double-digits!

Definitely double….

What if…. triple…… :o someday

It’s like Flappy Bird. Once you get into the rhythm, you can go on for a bit

Time to waste the next 168 hours doing non-stop kickflips.
Well, not waste, I meant enjoy.

Soooooo just to clarify, I miss my last kick flip but it spins enough to for me to regen it back. That’s all good?

GOOD POINT. No I would say a missed kickflip disqualifies your entry. You need to go as far as you believe you can WITHOUT messing up. I’ll add that in to clarify.

Now that is going to be tough.


Since psych-outs are encouraged, I take that to mean mind games are, too.  Here’s the video from the last fixed-axle consistency challenge I was involved in. (I get too into these things.)


Is there going to be a losers bracket??? I can land a kick flip about once every 4 or 5 tries!!! ;D

It took me an hour of filming, but I finally got the 10 I was going for!

On the Moon, too! Nice touch! Gauntlet thrown!

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I think most of us are just waiting last minute for something to beat. :wink:

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yeah i assumed double bass was doing that too. i think 10 was probably just a warning shot. :wink:


Hmmmm… hmmmm… 10 huh… hmmmmmm… :wink:

Yes. Yes it was :slight_smile:
No one had posted yet so I thought I’d set the bar at a nice round number!

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I always get to seven and then miss.