Yoyo Bucket Lists

Post em right here!


•Get a special edition Dark Magic 1 from TotalArtist
•Get sponsored by (you guessed it) YYJ <3 or atleast become an Apprentice
•Make finals at Worlds, BAC, CalStates and Nationals
•Win a yoyo trick contest
•Invent a yoyo out of bacon that is edible and completely functional as a modern day yoyo
•get my own YYJ signature series yoyo
•Hang out with Josh Yee at Fellowship of the Strings and try his Sirus wink wink

•get a c3 dark sonic
•get a yyj therory
•figure out what to do with a yyj pinnicle
•get sponsored or be on an apprentice team
•learn soiled panties and gramma kimmett’s sandwich
•meet most of you in real life

I’d love to take UK Nationals some day, but since I only started a few months ago I don’t like my chances… :stuck_out_tongue:

-Get sponsered by yoyofactory, spin dynamics, or one drop. But especially yoyofactory!

  • Get a yoyofactory sig yoyo
  • Compete at calstates 2014 (which i plan to make my first contest in which im competing)
  • Win soem contest any time in my life

The sirus plays exactly like an SR 71, but with adifferent response system. Also the rims feel different.

My list is very modest:

Practice more and get better.
2A with both hands.
Do some basic 3A stuff

That is all.

-have fun and enjoy the little things

The weighting is pretty different.

  • Start a company
  • Win a contest
    -Make Finals in Nationals and Worlds
    -Win Ohio States (Unlikely because H.O.T)
  • Win Iowa States (Would have to beat Adam so unlikely)
  • Get sponsored

You say that… but I only have about 15 minutes a day to practice anymore… you’ve got hours and hours.

I’m as surprised as anyone when I win anything these days. Too many young whippersnappers coming up through the ranks! ;D

serious goals - I’d like to make finals at world’s someday.
On the flip side… I’d like to take yo-yo a lot less seriously than I do. I think these goals kinda contradict one another… so we’ll see how that plays out.

Learn a trick or two from one of my many yoyo idols

  • Own an OG Torrent, a First Run Five Star, and a CLYW OG Peak

  • Try to become well-known in the yoyo community

  • Get my YouTube channel known by the yoyo community and non-yoyoers on YouTube so I can try to get more people involved in the hobby

God Bless - Moefv

-Obtain a titanium yoyo
-Always learn more no matter how fast
-Don’t stop yoyoing

I will not allow myself to die before I can do 2 handed looping.

-Get sponsored by pretty much anyone.
-Place high at a state contest.
-At least make finals at a bigger contest, if not placing high there.
-Make a video for Innovation Movement (probably need innovative tricks first though…)

Setting my goals low now. We’ll see how everything goes. They’ll probably change. :wink:

I’ll sponsor you,…

  1. Win virginia states
  2. Meet a very well known and successful yoyoist
  3. Become sufficient at all styles
  4. Complete yye trick list(except moebius)
  5. Learn a wide variety of tricks from technical to slack.

Not in any certain order.


  • Be able to land my current trick sets consistently and smoothly.
  • Meet new throwers & go to competitions (Just watch, not compete)
  • Enhance my yoyo collection with throws from various companies
  • Get to the point where I no longer watch tutorials. (be able to watch videos, and understand the elements without a step by step walkthrough. Use those elements as inspiration for my own tricks.)