What is your goal in yoyoing?


At the end of the day, how good do you want to be at yoyoing? Do you want to learn through the advanced section of tricks on this site, or do you wan to win worlds?

(Erik Kerber ) #2

My goal is to make finals in 1A it might take me awhile but I think I can do it. Once I reach that goal then I’ll set another goal.

But 1 of my all time goals is to have fun.


Inspire at least one person. Whether it be to compete or create. I hope to make someone feel as inspired as a lot of players have made me.


My goal? Get good at all 5 styles. I can play everything except 2A right now since I used my friend’s Loop 1080s haha I only knew the fundamentals though


Goals? I have no goals in yoyoing. I yoyo because it’s fun and something to do while I’m waiting for the bus.

Plus my money has to go SOMEWHERE. Tuition? Peh!


I hope to eventually conquer the world through my yoyoing, and then maybe other planets in our galaxy after that. :slight_smile:

My biggest goal is just to have a good time and spread a bit of joy around.


My goal is to get good enough to make my own tricks. But also, I want to have a certain performance style. You see the pros not only do the tricks, but do them in a way that fits their style.

Getting sponsored would be nice too. :slight_smile:


No real goals. Improvement is just a pleasant side effect of play.


Competition wise- Being Georgia state champion sounds pretty cool- I think I was 4th away from the title as of GA States 2013

As for yoyoing in general, I would like to be more creative with my tricks, especially my horizontal


Preserve the history, and have fun doing it.


4th!?!? That’s pretty good!

But anyways, I’d personally like to win a state contest as well, making finals is a more realistic goal right now for me though haha cuz I know there’s people who have been throwing fairly competitively for 5-10 years who haven’t won any.

I also want to become “good” at 3a, and proficient at all the other styles


I meant 4 highest placing Georgian, I placed last in finals :smiley: this year will be different though :wink:


My dream is to join One Drop of YYF Teams.


to yoyo


somehow to get to the world yoyo contest at least once… :smiley:


Keep on having fun and getting more yoyos.


to place in a regional comp, dont have to be first but just to make it and compete at that level would be make me very happy.and to be able to make a few yoyo’s one day.


I gave up on goals a long time ago. Much less stress and disappointment that way.


Goal #1: Master all basic elements of yo-yoing. I haven’t quite mastered them but I think I’m getting decent with some of them.
Goal #2: Master all tricks on this and a few other sites that offer tutorials.
Goal #3: Create at least one killer combo…one that’s competition worthy.
Goal #4: Participate in a competition with confidence in my skills. IDC if I get last place or eliminated right off the bat as long as I am confident in my talents. As it is now, I’m not confident enough to perform.

Goals 1-4 are mostly pertaining to 1A.

Goal #5: Be a beast with just normal double looping and feel cool double looping like nothing while walking or something.

Yeah, not very lofty goals but they’ll definitely take me some time to get.