What is your yoyo dream?

My goals:
make an awesome freestyle with 400 string hits in 2 minutes
get sponsored
learn under jensen kimmitt
meet guy wright
punch boxthor in his catch 22

Be the best yoyoer I can be, and have fun doing it.
Maybe Win a contest someday.

AAAAnnnndddd… own 1 of every General-Yo.

hotub full of yoyos with 3 hot girls

dont put water in there, your bearings will rust!>:D

Have my own microbrew yoyo company.
Make an awesome freestyle set to classical music.

That’s it. ;D

Be a 1A and 5A player and sponsored by Yoyofactory and win a bunch of contests.

Have fun. Pretty much it. :slight_smile:

To think up something origional, even if I dont get credit ;D

have fun enjoy it become the best you can possibly be and win.  Yoda -  “Do or Do not. There is no try.”  My science teacher made us watch this like 20 times.

My dream is to become World Champion one day even if it takes me 30 years and I’m like 42.

Start a small yoyo company.
Go to worlds.
Have a wife who yoyos.

Ask André for advice. :smiley: He’s started a small yoyo company store, went to worlds and has a wife who yo-yos.

hmmmm, start a company, but still have time for actual yoyoing, then sponsor guy wright.


Change the game.

I want at least one person to look back and say,“He wasn’t the best, but he sure made the whole thing better”

Do it with knowledge and skill.

i want to have my own signature…
oh dream a dream. . . .

Then why don’t you just get one? LOL

be a world champion even if it takes me 10 years

do you see my siggy link?
Mabe ask icthus to make you a yoyo?

depending on what you mean by signature

Go to World’s to compete in finals, but first of all make yoyo more popular, and enjoy it

get sponered by general yo
win worlds
and find the perfect yoyo for me