What's on your yoyo bucketlist????

So, what do you guys want to do with yoyoing before you die?
I would like to,

  1. Go to Worlds
  2. Go to EYYC
  3. Get sponsored by One Drop or General Yo
  4. Get first place in a 1A division
  5. Own a Chief

Make a yoyo
Make the perfect string
Go to a contest and compete

Learn 2A
Learn 5A

  1. Meet Jensen Kimmitt and Bryan Figueroa
  2. Compete and place at a yo-yo contest
  3. Have an awesome yo-yo collection
  4. Wat

Get good at throwing.

Meet Jensen Kimmit
Go to Worlds
Go to EYYC
Collect every CLYW

  1. Get name popular or infamous. Done*
  2. Get sponsored. Done*
  3. Worlds. Done*
  4. US Nationals. Done*
  5. Signature yoyo. Never will happen now…
  6. Outside US yoyo contest. Don’t have money for it.
  7. Signature string. Done*
  8. Get Moebius popular. No one cares bout it, never happen.
  9. Give up yoyo. Coming sooner then I expect.
  • Get known
  • Create something others will act upon
  • Go to Nationals
  • Go to Worlds
  • Go to a contest outside of the states

Design a yoyo.
Win a contest.
Learn 3a.
Get sponsored.

Become Sponsored
Compete in a Contest
Go to Worlds
Have a signature yoyo
Make some better tricks
Become better at 5a and 3a
Own a Gold Pure

Last two made me sad. As did 5.
And for 8… I care…

I want to
Have my own colorway/yoyo
Become sponsored.
Become a regional champion.

Go to a contest and meet some awesome throwers.

Moebius is awesome!

  1. Go to a yoyo contest
  2. Kill a flying pigeon with a yoyo
  3. Get really good

-Master Looping

Chappelle Voice YOYO ON THE MOON BABY! ;D

Oh yeah…

Learn 2a.

Tell me I’m too ambitious but:

  1. Place in top 10 at a top contest (nationals or worlds)
  2. Join a cool team like CLYW’s
  3. Meet at least a few of my idols (Gormley, Kimmitt, Owens, Ando, etc)
  4. Become decent in every style
  5. HAVE FUN!!!

I’d like to go to Worlds.