Bucket List

list things you want to do with yoyoing or yoyo’s you want to get before… you know.
just a few of mine.
things i want to do: go to worlds, land a white budhha at michey speed, get good at Xcalibur.
throws I want to get: mighty Flea, Gnarwal, and an extremely rare throw.
just to name very few.
what do you have to say?

Give augie fash a big hug!

Agreed :slight_smile:

Land full alternating eli hops with a mighty flea 75 times in a row
Win 1st place at worlds

try until you die, then some… O0




Meet all sorts of yoyoers
Own a yoyo from every decade
Learn every style
Compete in freestyle and ladder
Wow more people
Invent and Innovate

I’m stuck on 0 ad

OMG AUGIE SAID SOMETHing TO ME! are you going to be at pnwr? im going there on my birthday!

holy crap you got far! :o I’m stuck on the beginning of time :-\

:o Augie Fash just commented on my post. like a BAWS 8)

Don’t stop having fun is my only one


Have more time to yoyo.

Go to Nats and Worlds

Start my own yo yo company

Visit the One Drop HQ

Become a duncan crew member, land ten repetitions of pop n’ fresh on a duncan butterfly or imperial.
I know that the second one isn’t that impressive but I’m new to yo-yoing so back off >:(

No, I’m pretty sure that’d be impressive as frick. I’d like to see someone land that.

I guess my standards are set low. But here they are:

Become decent enough to be able to just throw and make up stuff and not completely suck.
Be able to do a few things in the 5 major styles. However, I want to focus mostly on 1A, 4A and 5A. 2A is important to me as well, but 3A is lowest on the list, but as long as I can do some, then fine.
Spread the joy I have of yoyo to others.
Introduce yoyos to kids in schools as an activity that gets them up and moving, as well as encourage the hobby/sport.
Learn, learn, learn.
Practice, practice, practice.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

And last, and certainly least: be legit!

All that stuff is so vague. How will you know when to check them off the list?