What is your yoyo dream?

Sorry to be unclear.
i mean to have a signature model yoyo.
i wish i can have one someday. Still working on it anyway.

Go to Worlds, Nationals, BAC.
Make my sponsor proud.
Get a signature colorway. (Don’t want a signature yoyo.)

To get down every trick there is :slight_smile:

I want to be able to yoyo in public and have people recognize some tricks, and i mean like ladder escape not walk the dog. I think it would be nice if i could convince myself that i could actually be good at yoyoing. And i want it to last my life, not just be a fling that dies out in a couple of years.

Go to every club meeting, BAC, Nationals, and especially Worlds.

And, hang out with Gentry Stein. :o

Whats wrong with walk the dog at my school i was known for walkingrunning my 888x all the way down the hallway

I see you shown it a lot of love? Keep up to good work ;D

My dream would be… To have fun, and… One day, make a living out of it. Well, not impossible. Or is it?

1)Go to Worlds and compete(Nearly Impossible for us Malaysians)
2)Master Machining
3)Machine my own yoyo
4)Master Modding
5)Mod for the community
6)Be a successful yoyo collector
7)Sell my own machined yoyo
8)Write a dictionary for yoyo terms
9)Twist and sell strings
10)Own a Drill to do most of the above

To master nearly every trick there is.
Go to all competitions not to compete, but just to watch, especially Worlds.
Want this hobby to last all my life.

To be a national yo-yo champion. ;D

oh to meet someone who yoyos just by yoyoing in public. i want a person to walk up, ask to try my [insert yoyo name here] and i will be like, “omg another yoyoer.”


this happened today :slight_smile:

own every yoyo ever made

win a competition
make a signiture yoyo

that is it

good luck getting an oxy ti…

I just want to have fun…
No not really I want to have my own large yoyo company that makes yoyos for beginers so more people will realize how great yoyoing really is. I also want to enter a contest. I also want to set a new biggest yoyo record and drop it from an airplane.

i agree

My top dream is to win every division at worlds in one year. 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, and 5a.

Relisticly, I’d like to win just 1a. Or at least get reconized for my, um, “unique” 1a.

I really want to throw a Genesis someday…

Or win a contest. Either one.

become a world champ and sponsered by yyj or yyf