What are your goals?

What goals do you have for next year (or end of this year)? Can be anything related to yoyo like learning tricks, your collection etc.


I can’t do any speedcombos so I want to learn at least one good speedcombo and my frontstyle is garbage so I want to work on that too.

And I want to learn:
more 5A horizontal
more tricks where you control the yoyo+counterweight with two hands, so far I can only do one trick lol (5a mach five)
2A wraps

and I want to go to more places. So far the yoyo brought me to netherlands because of the meetup organized by @LX_Emergency and Leipzig (city in Germany)


Play yoyo every day. Continue learning and improving at 1A, while also not being lazy and ignoring alt styles.

Specific 2023 goals are that I’d like to enter at least one contest (online or in person) for both 1A and x-div (undecided if I want to focus more on 4A or 5A). I also want to start putting out tutorials and extended length yoyo videos.

End goal with yoyoing it to get to the point where I’ve developed my own unique yoyoing style with interesting/creative tricks that feel fresh. Hopefully inspiring some other people to learn them or work on their own stuff. Very long term goal, but that’s what I’m hoping for in the next 5-10 years.


to buy more yoyos but to also not buy as many yoyos


My main goal for this next year is to finally get more horizontal skills, past just knowing basic mount and bind.
A collection goal of mine is to have an aqua shutter, shutter wide angle, and bimetal shutter; matching set.


OA: Kick flips
1A: Finish the trick ladder
2A: get two handed smooth
4A: “”
5A: start the Jake Bullock tuts



My only real goal is to complete my CLYW collection. I feel like I play at a level that I’m comfortable with and have fun at. I play at least a little bit of every style, enough to enjoy it. Except 3a. Still working on that.

  1. To remind myself that I don’t need a new throw(s) every month.

  2. Learn at least one trick a day. I learn something then get a bit lazy with it for awhile before pursuing another. I wanna constantly be learning and improving.

  3. Learn how to loop. I can do at least something from everything but 2a, I just can’t loop man. If was able to at least do a few with two hands successively I’d be happy lol.

  4. Get someone new into the hobby, hopefully locally.


Number 4 is such a good goal. I respect and appreciate that. I try to buy a cheap yoyo every time I’m at a store that sells them so I can give it away. Most of the time that’s Target and a Butterfly XT


Goal for the rest of this year: continue with my exclusive throwing of my cherry Spinworthy KNack that has been my 2022 fixed axle year throw. My goal for 2023 is to have fun with all my yo-yos and to try to re-learn tricks I haven’t done for a year and to see how a year of fixed axle influences my 1A play


I would like to become better at learning new tricks. For me, creating new tricks from scratch is more fun but I can only go so far with where I’m at currently, learning more tricks will lead to increased creativity and make me a better player overall. Also maybe learn a new style? It’ll be 5a or 4a.


I have become very interested in mini yoyo’s since purchasing the Knuckle Yo recently. It is so much fun and definitely challenging.

That said, I need to hone my non-responsive skills. I have ordered a couple more mini yo’s, so I am definitely committed.

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How do you like the knuckle yo?

I like the Knuckle Yo very much. It is a beautiful throw. The fit finish, design and quality are incredible. I have the copper version. It is already burnishing to a beautiful, well worn in look.

I do need to up my skills to use it reliably. It can be done as the Youtube videos demonstrate. You must be very precise. I have practiced a fair amount. I am now getting “partial” binds.

I am practicing with regular size un-responsives to improve my basic technique. I am getting there.


Thank you for the thoughtful reply.


I was away for 12 years, so the first couple months of being back have mostly just getting myself back into it. Start at the beginning and go from there. I started to think about goals recently.

I wasn’t sure what I liked in a yoyo anymore so I kind of went and bought a bunch of stuff. It helped me find what I like (mid sized organics) but I’m at 10 yoyo now and I want to cap my 1a collection at that. Gotta sell stuff before I buy anything new. Though there’s only a couple throws out there that interest me so that shouldn’t be too hard! Ideally I want to have as small of a collections as possible.

Mostly right now I just want to learn as much as I can from tutorials, try and learn some old Jensen and Charles tricks, and start slowly developing my own tricks and style. My goal is for tricks that aren’t necessarily difficult but have a focus on good construction and flow. I can always push the difficulty later.

I also want to get better lighting and a backdrop for videos and try to post on Instagram somewhat frequently. I know people have different philosophies on what should and shouldn’t be posted on as far as tricks go on social media but I don’t have the desire or skill to be someone who posts a banger every 4 months lol. not that I’m close to that level anyways.


I’ll be working hard on my 5a skills definitely. Another major goal of mine is making full length edits (mostly kendama but yo-yo as well) for those fun monthly challenges that seem to pop up more and more every year.

I have some personal goals that will probably get in the way of my progress but whatever.


More consistent Fixed axle play.
Then better trick finisher’s. I feel I land a sweet move then want more iceing on that cake.

This was a fun post reading all the replies


Goals for 2023:

  • Continue exploring and improving the trick set
  • Thin down the collection + buy/trade for less
  • Network with more players to bring more content
  • Keep leveling up skills for video creation/bring higher quality production to my work.
  • Progress in Kendama