What are your goals?

I have some goals in yo-yoing that I would really like to accomplish sometime !!!

Here’s a list of goals for 2022/2023 !!!

(1) Start attending contests and compete, beginning with Florida states this year !!!

(2) Creating new tricks and improve my consistency, flow, tech, etc.

(3) Start getting into different styles of play, I’m looking to try some more 2A, 4A, and 5A.

(4) Never attempt 3A again….

(5) Muster up the strength to resist buying throws constantly. (Easier said than done :rofl:)

(6) Keep on throwing :grin:


It’s good to have goals. Here are a few that I’m thinking.

  1. Improve 2A. I want to get inner loops to a point where I’m no longer counting loops.
  2. Diversify 5A skill set. First tricks up are bee sting, e-fans, and red windmill.
  3. Continue 1A trick ladder. I’ve stalled out after skin the gerbil.
  4. Buy less, and reduce the size of my collection. I feel like I finally know most of what I like across the board and so I want to slim down and focus.

I’d like to increase the amount of tricks I learn. Ive been finding myself content in the plateaus between skill jumps and I’m going to be better about learning more.

1A. More hooks, learn some more slack tricks, add some wrist mount tricks.
5A. More, just more. 5A has become crazy fun for me, both responsive and unresponsive.

In terms of collecting I hope to stick to my self-enforced collection guidelines of matching colorway, manufacturer, and playstyle in neat rows on my little 24 slot shelf. Its almost full and 2023 will test my self-control for selling a yoyo to make room for new ones.


I’d like to learn one frontstyle slack trick. This would be my only slack trick and I’m fine with that. The tutorials just make my head dizzy and I can’t comprehend it.

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You can try learning plastic whip

• keep making time to play each day.
• embrace goallessness. :pray:t3:


Holy smokes! thanks so much for those comments. I have heard stories from people bringing the KnuckleYo to unimaginable places that are hard or difficult to bring a throw and being able to use it.

Knowing that you have set goals towards improving your skills by using it, it is a big compliment-- :pray:


Being fairly new to unresposive play (5 months), I want to continue keep learning tricks. I’m enjoying the challenge of learning green triangle tricks, whips, and slacks, however frustrating they are to learn. I also haven’t done much in the way of learning tech tricks. I’ve watched some tutorials and it just baffles my mind at the moment. I’d like to sit down and actually start to learn some tech elements and try to make sense of some of those tricks.


learn more tricks and buy less yoyos.

learn more early advanced 1a from sector-y, doc pop, and others…

watch less “content” and find more opportunities to attend yoyo throwdowns, contests, etc in person.


Go outside more. Not just to throw, but in general.


Less noodling more learning.
I have an enormous collection of trick clips I saved to learn. This backlog is unfathomable…


my 2022 and life goal: I completed the complete pyro OG collection. It was always my dream. And it came true.


What @crackout said. Exactly.

My next goal is to create a one-minute prelim routine that consists entirely of tricks of my own.

On january 1st i will start the “5 Minutes of 5A Challenge”.
That means, whenever i have Time for a yo-yo session, i will play 5A at least for 5 minutes.
I always wanted to learn 5A but always had not enough time or some excuses to not keep consistently at it.


Rather than time boxing 5A play why not simply always throw with the counterweight, even when you’re playing 1A?

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I’m in!.. 5 min 5A. Love this kind of stuff to motivate.

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We are just starting our journey. I played a little about 12 years ago, but couldnt get the bind down.

Goal is to refresh all the previously known responsive tricks, learn to bind.

Have fun with my kids as they do more string time, not screen time.