Yoyo-related 2013 New Year Resolutions

Hey! Thought it might be cool to share some of our goals for this year as far as our yoyo journeys go.  Here’s the thread from last year to see how you did if you posted.

I’ve found that I’ve more or less done okay with my resolution from last year, but I could be better. So my first is the same:

  1. Do more 2A and 5A
  2. Learn/Land/Master Ladder Escape
  3. Get follow down perfectly

Throw 'em up!

1: Of course, improve on 1A
2: Get 2 handed 2A going, 20 loops per hand. Inside and outside loops plus hop the fence.
3: Learn some 3A.
4: Learn more 4A
5: Learn more 5A.

6: Get sound contract for Nationals. I already have it for CalStates and BAC.
7: Work production for Worlds in Orlando
8: If I travel to Vietnam, get some Vietnamese metal yoyos and some other skill toys.
9: Learn spin tops better. Get 2 intermediate grade tops, 1 fixed and 1 bearing tip. Boomerang, learn to regen. Be able to use my Sophia with a 1 way bearing.
10: Learn to 3 Ball Cascade juggle
11: Learn more diabolo stuff. Get a 1 way bearing and a triple bearing diabolos
12: Learn more kendama

Screw it all and just have fun! But I want that #6 objective!!

1.) make more tricks that are complex
2.)start competing
3.)upgrade gear for yoyo vids (new camera, good editing software)
4.)go to the SJ yoyo meets
5.) do more public performances(at malls, highly crowded areas)
6.) get money while doing public performances
7.) actually try to keep my resolutions(I’m probably not gonna do this one ;P)

Help get more people into the hobby, and help them learn.

Get more people to try G Squared Yoyos

Have 4 yoyos released in 2013

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Stop hitting myself so much, it’s very painful.

  1. Join/start a club.
  2. Start competing.
  3. Get to Master on this site.
  4. Improve my whips, slacks, grinds.
  5. Get 5 new throws.
  6. Teach other people.
  7. Have fun!

make it to finals in worlds

Overall for me is to just develop more smoothness and style. And also to get on the contest scene a little bit more.

Actually go to a contest

I’m not usually a guy for new year resolutions. If you were serious about making a change, you wouldn’t wait until the new year. However…

  1. Continue to yoyo for 4 or more hours a day, and over 6 during the summer to prepare for the world yoyo contest. I’ve been doing 4 hours a day for the past 4 months and I have improved incredibly.

  2. Place top 10 at worlds this year in 5a

  3. Continue to advance GRYC.

  4. Go to as many contests as I can and compete in 5a.

Land seasick (yeah right).

Mine is just to learn more and throw more. Simple as that

My resolution is…

Have fun.

  1. Keep throwing.
  2. Keep throwing.
    3 Have as much fun as possible.

Keep on practicing 2A - spend about 2 hours a day with just loops. Stick to the basics for now. Eventually loop well with both hands at the same time.
Purchase lots of 2A loopers incase any of them breaks. Experiment and try every pair out there.

Improve my 1A - still learn some tricks here in YYE [kinda went away and did my own thing] and other tutorial sites.

Have fun. Yeah.

pssh. resolutions. yeah, right.


1: go to a yoyo Club
2: finish all tricks here on YYE
3: Spend [b]less on yoyos (per month)
4: go to a contest

  1. Learn shoot the moon (same as last year!)
  2. Throw more in public
  3. Improve my looping and learn with two hands
  4. Try and buy fewer throws and appreciate the ones I already own more
  5. Show yoyoing to people who have never ‘truly’ seen it
  1. Learn yo yo tricks and get up to Advanced by Summer.
  2. Have fun
  3. Make up tricks
  4. Get new yo yo
  5. Get Lubricant

Don’t break anything.

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