New Years Resolution

Hey all!,

With this new year, whats your resolutions? Can be non-yoyo related as well but lets try to keep it on track :wink:

Happy New Year!

~Chris Severson

Well, I tend not to make any resolutions since I never keep them anyway, only go for a month before I go into ‘aw screw it’ mode. I do however make it a point to keep on throwing, keep collecting (I could use some more YoYoJams and YYFs in my collection), and move on up to some of the expert tricks.

2012 is going to be a big year for me.

I was not able to place into a single 1A final all of 2011, and it really peeved me off.
This year, thats going to change. I know Im a good player, I have the technique, I have the tricks. Its just a matter of having them ready for the stage. More practice, more time into perfecting the moves.

My plan is to rise up in the contest scene and show the world how much of a great player I am.

Im done being second tier. I know I have what it takes, and you bet that this contest season, you’ll be seeing a lot more from me. I’m going to show the world just how good I am, and blow peoples expectations out of the water.

I am a great yoyoer, and its time to show it.


Experiment with chopsticks and more slack and technical play.

You’ll do it too!!! You definitely have what it takes.

I want to be more positive and take more chances in life.

I want to not screwy 1 year video up im filming in 2 days from now.

YYR resolution: Learn all the Advanced Tricks.

Non-YYR: Take more risks and get in top cut in a Pokemon Tournament. (I have before, but I want to again)

come to va states next week dude!!!

A few thousand miles away+wrong side of country.

I’ll be there! Not competing though. It would be nice to meet somebody from the yye forums in person. Look for someone tall with long blondish hair. Probably throwing a OD 54 if it comes in the mail before states!

there will be a bunch of people from the forums i think … i know i am going down there with salzorin and gunstarhero … and yoyoavenger is also going down i think …

ill definitely be there … with a yye shirt on and a clyw hat … probably throwing… a chief

CarlG… thanks yea too far huh? lol

Its only a few hundred for me, but i still cant come ( in my first post i was refering to josh, whom you quoted, he lives in california) Have fun at VA states :3

my resolution is to grow. i’m 12 but i’m the size of the average 8 year old (my parents had me tested). i want to learn chopsticks but my hands are too small to get into the mount. the only yoyo i have thats small enough is the flea. and that only sleeps for about 20 seconds.

Well, I now have a non-yoyo-related resolution. Earlier while at a thrift store to pick up a cheap TV stand, I passed by the bikes and spotted a random unicycle sitting there. I thought that this might be fun to try out so I picked it up…a nice vintage Schwinn. So resolution is to learn how to ride the thing! Then maybe ride and throw simultaneously!

Where and when(exact date) are they? I might be there.

To learn all the tricks on the Learn to be a Yo-Yo master trick list so far up to Rewind.

My new years resolution is to bot be so foolish.

Around 70 or 80 years ago lived a magician named Max Malini. Not the guy from “The Cape” TV show. This was a real guy. He was a “close up” magician. That meant he had to do wonderful things with playing cards including “palm” a card. He did so in front of many many learned magicians and fooled them.

I’m 48 and my hands are small for my age as well. Chopsticks tricks are just tough, I try to hit them and sometimes I do, most times I don’t.

My best guess though is that you’ll be fine with doing them. Just keep at it. :slight_smile:

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Put more focus into learning 2a and 5a instead of just focusing on them for one or two days, every other week.