Yo-yo Related New Years Resolution


We all have our usual New Years Resolution… so why not have a New Years Resolution for the thing you love most?

My NYR for yoyoing is to:

-practice a few more extra hours a day
-give more to the world of yoyoing by teaching a freind

What’s yours?


Try to find more time to practice and improve my skills. That’s all I can realistically expect for now.


yoyo every day. Which I do no matter what. Don’t even know why I do. I think I’ve yoyo for over 1000 days straight. Even when we were moving to Florida I managed to yoyo while filling up the moving truck with gas. lol


Try to get a girl to yoyo. 8)


I did. My daughter. She’s 7.

My wife? Can’t be bothered.


I’m teaching my friend at school how to throw (she’s a girl)


teach my friend cuz he is learning but he doesnt have a yoyo. he watches tuts at home and tries to memorize so he can use my yoyo the next day at school. we both hope he gets a yoyo or 2 for hanukkah


lol I laughed at SHE’s a GIRL Like SHe is a BOY haha I know not that funny but i thought so

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Qualify for nats in 3a XD


I saw spyy post the wood yoyo on facebook today it looks cool.


also, learn a new style. i only know 1a. should i go with 4a or 5a? i was thinkin 5a cuz i dont really have anywhere to do 4a and i cant have a giant yoyo with no string on it flyin across the room at school.

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Thanks! That’s not it yet though; just an essay.
The real deal is being finished tomorrow, then shipped south.
I’m on pins & needles waiting.


Is it a one time deal or can I buy one?


learn 2a or one handed looping, and teach my brothers freind to throw


I had one last year, top 10 at nationals, I got 7th :slight_smile:
This year I want to film more videos of the worlds best players.


I didnt have one last year, but this year I want to learn Yuki Slack. ::slight_smile:
all the Advanced( or most of) part 1 tricks
EDIT: I’ve almost got it down, so now I guess I need a new one.


not a nyr, nor realistic, but i hope to compete at the midwest classic

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Keep Improving
Keep Yo-yoing.
Having fun doing a hobby.


I’d like to make my own yoyo. Also, to go to worlds and just my first yoyo contest in general(will happen january 7th-va states)!