New Years Goals(yoyo)?

Do you guys have any New Years goals for 2014? If you do, tell us what they are!

Mine are…

Noticeably improve…

-become a faster thrower
-have more trick variety
-become someone people mention/remember for being a good thrower
-learn a new trick, make a new trick, or create a new combo every week

What are yours?

Buy more yoyos :smiley:


I planning to

-buy more yoyos
-get better at yoyoing over all
-get better at making yoyo vids

These are just a few goals that I would like to acheive Ill update this list if I think of more

My goal is is to take it back a notch on buying yoyos… I’m buying way too good yoyos for my skill level…

Get more yoyos. Start with completing my current “wants” list.
Get hit less(with yoyos)
Two handed looping.
More 5A
More 4A
More 1A
Start 3A.

  1. to try to win KS states (will probably never happen with the lack of skill I have :wink: )
  2. GET A CLYW!!! omg I want one SO MUCH 8D
  3. get better at yo-yoing overall

that was surprisingly hard!

  1. One year get the GA state title
  2. Do well on the holiday throwdown
  3. Make more friends via yoyoing
  4. Collab?
  5. Get a string sponsorship
  6. Get sponsored overall
  7. Continue to contribute to the community

1.perfect all of my string formulas
2. If i have enough time before new years either learn rancid milk or soiled panties… Probably soiled panties

Have a pretty good routine for GA states

Same goals I’ve had for a while.

  1. Spend substantially less on yoyos

  2. Enjoy yoyoing

2A title at mer
Get amazing at 2A
And 1A
Have fun

Compete in a Contest.
Collect all Jensen Yoyos.
Make it to a Large Contest.
Have fun.

Last year’s goal for 2013, was to focus more on certain areas of collecting (YYE Editions/titaniums) and spend 25% less than in 2012. I accomplished that, and I like where my spending is. So, I think this year’s collector goal is:

  1. Find the few obscure things on my want list;
  2. Get what’s new in the specialized areas I collect;
  3. Try some high end brands I haven’t tried (probably more Japanese brands).

Player-wise, whatever…the tricks take me where they take me. Never a big deal to me, cause I yo-yo at home.


Probably come up with a new prototype accessory to pitch to YYE. Find some new ways to take the photos up a notch, whether it’s different equipment, learning new software, or different ideas for shots. It should be fun.

Evolve my playstyle and place finals.

Buy fewer yoyos.

Get my 2A and 5A good enough to show off in public.

Have fun playing with my toys.

  1. Curb my yoyo purchasing. I’ve been doing pretty well recently so I hope to hold out. I may buy a Puffin 2 + YYF Aviator, but hopefully that’s it for a while. :slight_smile:

  2. Put out my first video and make it a good one.

  3. Start working towards competing at Nationals in 2015. I could compete this year, don’t get me wrong, but I want to go in with enough skill to place high, so I need to practice tonnes.

That’s about it for me. :slight_smile:

Buy more yoyos

Learn some fixed axle

Practice for Ladder

Work more on slacks and tech

  1. Make higher quality videos
  2. Go to a large contest, do well, and have fun
  3. Get better at my throwing overall