Throwing goals for 2014

I am setting a throwing goal for the New Year, especially the month of January. For the month of January, I am going to attempt to learn 1 new trick a day.  I am determined to learn 4 new tricks a week after January. Obviously, as I progress, the tricks will become more difficult and turn into combos and also help me to create my own combos.

I am encouraging all of you to set goals as well. Feel free to post your own progress and goals in the comments. If you feel determined to create your own progress report thread, then link it in the comments and I will add a link to your progress below.

Progress Report/Schedule:

Day 1 - 1/11: Candy Rain - I have learned the trick in it’s entirety, thanks to Grawrd’s tutorial.

Day 2 - 1/12: Red Clover Another trick completed!

Day 3 - 1/13: White Buddha Great Success! I ended up using André Boulay’s Fantastic Tutorial!

Day 4 - 1/14: Plan D Holy crap this one was complicated! Not difficult in skill level, but a very complicated trick, at least when using a non-verbal tutorial. Great trick none the less!

Day 5 - 1/15: Organized by Gerard Amento AKA GrawrD
Technical Difficulties…I am still trying to learn this trick

Day 6 - 1/16: Jade Whip (I never learned any whip or slack tricks, so may as well start now  ;D ) Success!

Day 7 - 1/17: Organized!!! I finally figured out the technical issues I was having!

Day 8 - 1/18: Green Hippo and Revolutions. - I went to a yoyo meet today and learned and landed these 2 tricks by the end of the meet consistently! I made up for taking 2 days on one trick and now I’ll have a jump start tonight on tomorrows trick!!

Day 9 - 1/19: Superman

Day 10 - 1/20: Superman…I am at the very last step where you pop the yoyo through the triangle for the dismount and I have been trying for the last 2 hours non-stop and I cannot land it. Also, when I say 2 hours non-stop, I literally mean 2 hours, no breaks, just straight throwing. I was in the zone…but at the same time wasn’t. I can at least nail the whole trick perfectly including the string rejection almost everytime now. I technically got it through the triangle a few times, but it wasn’t clean and I wasn’t able to bind it, so I don’t count it as completed.

Day 11 - 1/21: Suicide 1.5 I had the trick down pretty fast, as I can do normal suicides down without a problem. I’ve never attempted a 1.5 suicide though. Fun little trick to throw into any combo

Day 12 - 1/22 SUPERMAN I finally got it down!!! It looks super easy, but it is ridiculously difficult! Jason Lee came up with that trick in like 2000…that is just insane.

Day 13 - 1/23 Hidemasa Hook I was able to get it like 2 times out of 20, but I’ll keep practicing and get my accuracy up.

Day 14 - 1/24 TriangulationOld School Sector Y trick I always wanted to learn :slight_smile:

Day 15 - 1/25 Brent Stole It only took me about 20 minutes to get down and I landed it 2 times in a row and a total of 6 times. I’m starting to get the feel for it :slight_smile: The tutorial below is very helpful!

Goal for Day 16 - 1/26 Paul Han Green Triangle I did it!!

Day 17 - 1/27 Iron Whip Landed a few in about a minute. Not too difficult once you get Jade Whip motion down.

Day 18 - 1/28 Kota Pops? (not sure if it has an official name) Kota does it at 1:25 in the video below.

Day 19 - 1/29 Mach Whip I got the motion down now and landed it about 4 times, but it’s more difficult than it looks.

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  1. Spend less
  2. Learn more
  3. Keep having fun

Every trick/element I know how to do I can do >90% and smoothly, I’d like to get to the point where I’m really aware of what possibilities open up in certain situations to allow me to make up my own stuff. I’ve learned a decent amount in the past year but I’ve always done it in a rigid way moving from trick to trick.

Oops, you and I have a lot in common. Except I need more consistency. I don’t play as much as I’d like.

Experiment more. When I started yoyoing in… 2003 or so, the primary goal was to get good enough to impress my friends and strangers. I was mostly interested in flashy tricks like boing-e-boing and mach 5 and such. Eventually I got to the point where I felt like learning harder tricks wouldn’t look impressive to non-yoyoers. I learned Spirit Bomb and a few others but I wasn’t really into it and eventually I got bored with yoyoing.

Fast-forward a couple years, I got back into it, and yoyoing had progressed to the point that a lot of the harder stuff also looked really cool. I started practicing again and learned a few new things like brent stole, some chops stuff, this neat brazilian wrist-mount combo from Whip, but my overall goal hadn’t really changed and my interest only lasted a few months.

Cut to spring 2013, I picked it up again during a breakup, this time with the goal of just enjoying it for what it is. I learned tricks that I thought looked challenging, or fun to do, and got significantly better in a few months.

A month or two ago I started getting a bit tired of the watching-tutorials-and-learning process, and now when I yoyo, it’s a lot of experimentation. I created this neat little chops combo by just seeing what I could do with it, and now I’m trying to see if it can be done in reverse because that’s always cool. I’m also focusing more on style, rhythm, doing the same movements but in a smoother way.

I got myself a GoPro so that when I experiment, I can film what I’m doing. I’m sick of accidentally doing something cool and having no idea how I did it.

So yeah! Goal for 2014 is develop my own tricks and style.

My goal for 2014 is just to work on flow and having multiple finishes to tricks. I also need to work on transitions a ton too. I need a stronger throw. If I feel like I’ve accomplished this I might compete in IL states. That is my ultimate yoyoing goal; to be good enough to win a contest.

Make an awesome routine for Ga States. That is combined with have fun learn more complicated stuff. Oh yeah I also really want to meet people that would be great.

Have the most fun possible and meet lots of cool yoyoers and maybe compete if I have time to.

Work for Z-Games. Hard.

Aiming for the GA State Title within the next few years.


Get out of this creative block that I’m in and make some new tricks

Have fun everyday that I throw

Would love to compete at Nats. :slight_smile:

Go to a Regional Contest
Make finals at any contest

Find a contest within 2 hours of me…lol


I just completed Day 3 of my learn one trick a day for the month of January.

So far I’ve learnt Candy Rain, Red Clover and White Buddha.

I’m undecided on what trick I am going to do next.

Plan D will be the trick I will be learning today. Feel free to follow along!

Creating some amazing and original tricks is my goal. And 2a. Darn this 2a…

My goal is to get better at making up 1A tricks and to get good at 2A

My goal this year is to learn some more coplicated tricks and create some combos. The first trick I’ve learned so far is the RedClover. Right now I’m working on learning all the basic whips and perfecting two combos. The combo I’m focusing most on is the one mixing And Whut, a houdini mount repeater, and Lotus Bloom mechanics. 8)

I guess my goals would be to go to at least two contests, get to at least 75 subscribers on YouTube for my yoyo channel, and just keep getting better every day. I also want to get more into 5A and maybe try out 2A, and really try and make more tech tricks.

Learn more tricks but make sure they are super smooth before moving on to the next.

I also want to have some rhythm to my tricks

Plan D was difficult/complicated to learn, but I did it and I am maintaining my goal of learning 1 trick a day for the rest of January! Tomorrow is day 5 and I will be tackling an even longer trick than Plan D.

Thanks and stay tuned!