Yoyo Bucket Lists


puttin’ that on a shirt.


Sell me one.

buy enough yo-yos to fill the bucket. lol.

Im way past that XD

I can’t even fill it half way.


Already on a shirt. Check out Turtleprints.com

-Learn how to roll up the yoyo, it’s almost impossible!
-Learn how to get the yoyo back to my hand
-Learn trapeze

Steal a Whip from Ann Connolly

Do a Drop in the Bucket without it looking awkward and weird.
Do Bucket hops consistently and smoothly
Learn Josh’s Bucket Slack to GT

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Now she’ll now who to hunt down :wink:

have Try learning jade whip to bucket it look much cleaner

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These two I want to do because I think it’d be cool to own a piece of yoyo history, so to speak:

Own a peak
Own one of the original/early run 888s

These others are just general:

Learn seasick
Design a yoyo
Learn 2a

-Learn boing-e-boing (14 months in and I still can’t get it. Starting to get a bit embarrassing XD)
-Figure out how to get nice big Brent Stole triangles
-Become reasonably competent at 2A
-Start and run a yoyo club at a school (a man can dream…)
-Place in the top 6 at a competition
-Perform on a stage outside of a competition setting


I’m with hippo, learn seasick

get a crazy durable yoyo that can take a bullet.

Bucket list… love it.

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