Yoyo bearing/over tightening help

I have an Aquarius yoyo that keeps becoming overtightened when I throw. I have to keep the yoyo a bit loose for the bearing to spin, but after a few binds it seems to have magically tightened. Is it the bearing? The bearing seat? The yoyo axle? It’s becoming very annoying. This leads me to my next question, are there any replacement bearings for the Aquarius? I like trifecta and konkave a lot but they on have size C bearings.

It really sounds like you don’t have all of the right parts on it or you’ve put something in backwards. Tightening it should not make the bearing not spin.

Can you take a pic showing the axle and bearing on, as well as the bearing seat.
Sort of like this:

http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/759/view/images/03_thumb.jpg http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/759/view/images/04_thumb.jpg

Sorry for the confusion, I’m probally not explaining it very well. All the parts are on properly but as I tighten it the bearing stops spinning at a point. Here are the photos

Something is weird there. Can you get a shot of the bearing seat area on both halves (w/o the bearing). The one looks a bit odd from the view you have. It just shouldn’t do that.

Where’d the bearing seat post go lol

That’s what I was wondering, but thought maybe a better pic of the bearing seat would show something.

Hm, are there supposed to be spacers.?

No but the bearing seat doesn’t look right.

There is no bearing seat on one half haha

Are both sides suppose to be raised in the middle?? I’ll post pics soon

Not sure what you mean exactly aside from the post in one side, both seats should be the same, but it’s clear that one half does not have a seat.

Yeah I didn’t know they both had a seat at one point… Any possible fix?

Not really much you can do on that that I know of.

Nothing worth doing.

I guess I’ll just deal with it since Aquarius are a getting hard to find. Ill just have to not tighten to much. Are there any other bearings that fit the Aquarius? Just curious.

A different bearing won’t fix it. You need a bearing seat. One thing you might try is to put in a YYJ thick shim.  That might raise the bearing enough in the recess to work.

Okay I’ll give the red shims a try, thanks everyone for the help!

Save your money, that won’t work, there isn’t anything to center the shim. You could get a modder to put spacers in it.

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That’s why I said “might”…