Yoyo bearing/over tightening help

That’s just a wierd seat :o

Think I remember when this happened now ha, I dropped it when opening the yoyo once and a little piece of plastic came out, and the bearing keep getting stuck. I thought some of the groove where the bearing spun got messed up so I toke a nail filer (spelling?) and cleaned it up a bit, this allowed the bearing to work. I can still use it, I just have to be careful not to over tighten and loosen it up after a dozen throws. I’m gonna start looking for another online, I wish they had another offstring with rubber rims that could use hubstacks/synergy.

Rubber rimmed Is Popular Among Offstring, Go Big is good.

I already have most offstring throws including the go big, I just want one with hubstacks or can be modded for stacks. The reason I like the aquarius, because it can use synergy caps, I’ve modded a hayabusa for stacks but I don’t like the weight.