Fiesta XX help

So the bearing seat on my fiesta is a little too tight, to the point where the bearing won’t spin. Any ideas on how to fix it? The bearing is fine and the other half is fine too.

I would guess there is something in it. Got pics? was it like this when you bought it?
Have you contacted the store you got it from, or yoyojam?

Well pictures won’t help because the look exactly alike and there is nothing in the bearing seat. and the first thing i checked was the guts before i played with it and the bearing didn’t move.

I got no idea, but maybe my lack of experience in this area coupled with my other experiences will help. Since I have a Fiesta XX on its way to me, I want to be prepared for when I’m actually going to get to it.

First, did you over-tighten things? I’m not sure if this is possible, but with the larger size, it becomes easier to over-toque it, or at least it would be for me. But I think of my other plastic yoyos and I don’t have this issue. I also don’t have any adjustable gap yoyos, but my ONE and DM2 are compatible with 2 bearing sizes, so that’s the closest I get.

When you seat the bearing in one half, will it spin at all? If you flip the bearing over, will it still spin? Can you repeat this with the other side and get the same results? It might be the yoyo itself and not the bearing. Perhaps it was just slightly out of spec. But if it spins freely no matter what, it’s at least not the bearing.

Is the bearing seat tight on one half of the yoyo? Is the bearing seat tighter on one side of the bearing? Try the other half too, especially while doing the above. Might be an out of spec bearing. This might indicate a problem with the bearing. Might not. What do I know. This might not even be necessary.

Maybe the axle is crooked or damaged and needs replacing. Maybe the halves aren’t lining up properly as a result. Or maybe the insert for the axle ended up crooked.

Not sure how to check the bearing seat all that great. I would want a decent flashlight that I could shine in from multiple angles and maybe a magnifying glass to really get a good look in there, but I doubt that would be absolutely necessary. It could be that the bearing seat isn’t completely cleared out, but I’d find that a bit unusual given they are using molds that I would assume have tight tolerances.

To not spin like you say would indicate that the entire bearing seat area is pretty messed up. I know I’d asking for useless redundant troubleshooting, but this is new to me. When I deal with online tech support(or phone), I have to work from the assumption that the user is, well, not real “up on things”. It’s necessary to my “checklist” to gather the information I need to proceed, even if the client has done it already. Worse case is they can say “did that” or they can juts lie. Either way, their choice.

Regardless, there’s still a few questions:
How long have you had this? If a very short time(within the return/exchange period, which for yoyos is super short), then contact where you got it from. I haven’t had to deal with a return/exchange with YYE, but based on another incident, they attempted to take good care of me. In the end, the company that made the stuff took care of me as I contacted both at once. It was YoYoJam, by the way. Simple stuff like that gets customers for life. Either way, YYE wants happy and satisfied customers.

If it’s past the retailer’s return/exchange period, contact YoYoJam. Again, they don’t win in any points by leaving customers hanging or feeling stranded or not satisfied. Just be aware that it may take them longer to reply than YYE, but they WILL reply.

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Yeah, I they will reply pretty quickly, and they will replace it as long as you have proof of payment and it hasn’t been 30 day since you got it.

Not that it matters. I got my blue Fiesta XX today. Pretty in blue!

Oh: works fine!! I’m not ready for off-string yet, but it shipped set up for “big 1A” stuff, and it is a tad “grippy” for my tastes currently. Then again, I haven’t broken in the bearing or the response system. I did take it apart(as I do all my new yoyos) and check the insides thoroughly before I actually even do anything with them, and all was well.

Gotta practice more so I can have enough skills to try a bit of 4A. Man, what a great throw for the price!

check to see if the bearing accidentally desheilded. happened to me once on my fiesta v1.