Lyn Fury Help!

I was playing around with my Lyn Fury and have a problem! My yo-yo dies out randomly! When I opened the yo-yo up, I put the bearing on either side and tested it out. On one bearing seat it spins fine but on the bearing seat with the axle coming out, it gets stuck! Please any help is appreaciated! ??? ??? ???

Is the plastic shim still there.

ummm on each side there are these things taht pop a little out that kinda look like shims

Everything except the yo-yo dieing are perfectly normal.

Lemme rephrase my issue… so i pop in the bearing to the seat and try to spin it to test it out. The thing is that it is practically stuck and can’t spin

Can the bearing spin when it is out of the yo-yo?

Oh hey thats what happens to my YYF DNA but I just changed my bearing into a KonKave…

i don’t think it is the bearing…i think it is the bearing seat in the axle half of the yoyo…becouse he said that if he puts the bearing on the other half it spins…but on the axle side it became stuck…

Yeah exactly Big Andrew… its not the bearing. i tested out different bearing and the same thing happened. The bearings work fine its just the bearing seat

This may help.

[quote=jhb8426]Do you by any chance have a set of YYJ shims installed?
Remove them if you do.

Otherwise, take it apart and remove the bearing. See if there is any mold flash (stray plastic bits) around the axle seat. There were a couple of runs of these that had a problem with that. If it does remove it with a small, sharp knife, like an x-acto.
A modder might be the only way to fix it.

Sounds like my green journey. It was my fault though. lol Not a typical YYJ problem.

The bearing seat might of overheated and now is squeezing the bearing. Take a Exacto Knife and carve some of the plastic away.

If there is molding flash on the bearing seat then the exacto knife is a good idea. Just carving off plastic from the bearing seat because it is slightly deformed is a terrible idea. Send it to a modder with a lathe for bearing seat adjustments.

I really don’t trust myself with a knife to cut plastic away but since i bought it on yyn do you think they will replace it? Like I did’nt even hit the yoyo to the ground or anything. It just happened all of a sudden…

Why ask us what they will do? Ask them.

needle-nose pliers, use round part to clamp onto bearing wiggle loose.
With that in mind, the bearing is supposed to stay in place with most of the yoyojam plastics.
Best thing to do is just leave the bearing alone.

How long have you had it for?

Have had it for about 3-4 months

Probably not.