Fiesta XX bearing seat problem

Hey guys I recently got a pretty much mint Fiesta XX of the BST. I love it, but the outer bearing seat(plastic) is so tight it wot let the bearing spin, thus my yoyo acts a lot like a fixed axle. Any suggestions on what to do? Should I contact YYJ? Or can I mod it somehow?

Are you sure it’s that the bearing seat is tight? Even on my yuuksta with a bearing that was impossible to remove even for yyf, the bearing still spun fine.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the outter bearing seat being tight. Contact yyj. if they can’t do anything for you, you could try sanding the bearing seat a little.

It may be a Euro bearing that was stuffed in there.

Check out the specs:
Inner X Outer X Width
C bearing:
Euro C:

We can see the inner diameter is very close, perhaps enough play in there to fit.
The outter is a tiny bit wider, which may be why it’s sticking on the outside. However, let’s look at this in metric:
C bearing again:
6.35 x 12.7 x 4.7498

Euro C again:
6.000 x 13.000 x 5.000

Just a guess.

Can you yank the bearing and maybe try with something else that you know for sure is a SPEC C-sized bearing? Does the yanked bearing spin? Try cleaning it.

Maybe the bearing is defective and locked up? Is it shielded? Do the shields have a tiny little YYJ stamped on them? Are the shields in backwards? I’ve done that before and it can cause the bearing to stop moving.

The problem is you got it off BST. As a result, contacting YYJ is out of the question for warranty stuff, as well as contacting the original place of purchase. However, I’m not saying don’t contact YYJ. I’d contact YYE and see what ideas they may have. It will probably be faster than contacting YYJ by a day or so.

Also, photos if you can.

Again, just guessing and giving you something to work on.

I had the same problem with my fiesta xx, I would contact yyj and try to get it replaced. I sanded the edges of mine down. It took way too long and was a bit of a hassle.

It had a C sized bearing. The problem is only on one half. If I put it on the other and spin it it’s spins just like any other yoyo.

This was actually a pretty common problem for YYJ celcon yoyos. Often, the wall of the bearing seat would overheat and shrink, pinching the bearing. How I fixed my Kickside was take an exacto knife and went all around the inside of the wall, cutting off just enough plastic so the bearing could spin freely.

It was “previously owned”. He bought it off of B/S/T. Returning it to YYJ is probably not an option.

I did what Yoyospirit did, but I did it to my Dm2.

Proabably not, but if it was sold/traded to him without him knowing of the problem, that could be an issue with the trader, I dont see why anyone would get a yoyo without knowing how to fix the problem it has beforehand. Regardless, yoyospirit knows what hes talking about and I would do what he said. Just make sure after youre done scraping to remove the little peices of plastic aroung the bearing seat (the most annoying part)

Do what yoyo spirit did. I my fiesta xx bearing seat was too tight and that’s exactly what I did to fix the problem