H5xChief Bearing Seat Issue


The bearing seat on my H5xChief is INSANELY tight.  like worse than yoyofactory.

Is there anyway to polish the bearing seat so my bearing will fit better?

You will get have to wear it out or try different bearings ???

I wouldn’t mess with it as far as removing material. What is wrong with the bearing that it needs to be removed?

Its the fact that its so tight…

Get in touch with Chris from CLYW. He’ll have a solution for you =)


So there is nothing wrong with it your just not happy with it being tight?

I love that analogy. “Like worse than YYF”

Well the thing is, EVERY bearing that i have put on to that thing has been fouled in about 2-5 mins.
I have repeatedly cleaned the bearing seat and it still is killing my bearings.

I’m gonna see if i can get it replaced or exchanged with another yoyo. (hopefully a puffin)

Do you really have a problem with the bearing seat or do you just want a puffin is the real question ??? Jk… Just contact Chris and ask about it

Its the bearing seat.


Contact Chris from CLYW.

Here on YYE he is AKA Caribouchris