Replay spinning problem.

So recently I got myself another Replay Pro in trade and it played fine until a week later it started to go completely silent and the slightest tug would kill the spin. I thought the bearing failed so then I opened the yoyo for the first time from when I traded and nothing appeared wrong. Bearing span fine on both seats so nothing in the way there. The axle is fine but with very little black stuff on the end of it (I’m guessing it’s from the threading inside the half) and my other Replay has the same black on the axle (if not more) and it plays fine. I’ve tired different bearings and nothing seems to work. If I leave it loose that’s the only way it will spin normally but even then it’s still responsive. I’ve never had a problem like this with any throw. Can I fix it or call it done and get another one?

You must have over tighten it. It happens to me too. When it is over tightened, that’s what happens. YYE was kind enough to replace my Replay Pro.