My replay pro is playing response even after I change the bearing what should I do


This happened on my friends replay too. The bearing seat was messed up on his. Where did you get it? Is it new?


I have 3 replay pros and have only had trouble when the bearing was out of whack, either because I over lubed it or it was dirty. I would recommend taking the bearing out and putting it in a jar of acetone and shake it for a bit, (10 mins or so) then spin dry it, I usually hit mine with a blow dryer a bit to speed up the process. Once it’s spinning freely (you’ll know, the spin times drastically increase) then Lube it with a pin head (thin Lube) . Once done spin the bearing a bit until it returns to longer spin times. I cannot stress how little Lube you need.
Personally I prefer tarapin dry Lube. I’m working on putting together comparison video and reviews of various lubes if you’re interested…
If you’re 100% sure that it’s not the bearing, IE you spin it on a pencil and it spins for >10-15 seconds then there may be something going on with the response. When you tug the string and it catches look at how it catches… Does the string slowly get sucked into the gap wrapping around the bearing causing it to bind? ( bearing issue ) or does it seem to instantly respond? Likely a pad/yoyo issue. Check the obvious stuff, the string isn’t pinched between the bearing and the yoyo. The yo-yo is fully screwed in ,don’t over tighten, but be aware that sometimes the “line up” triangles on the replay don’t always work as designed. Sometimes, if there has been a lot of wear, you might notice that it needs to be tighter, a bit passed the triangles, in order to have it fully snug on the bearing (do NOT torque it down). If it’s too loose it can allow for there to be a gap between the bearing and the yo-yo that can cause it to be pinched. (although the yo-yo may just come apart once you throw it down at this point)
This is probably more info than you need and some stuff might be obvious, but hey, what the heck. (wanted to make sure I covered the basics)
Hope this helps.


I got it brand new on


They should be able to send you a news one if it was defective out of the box.


When I got mine it was responsive too. But after I lubed it and use is for about 2 hours is worked fine.


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