replay pro responsive

the only thing I have done to my replay pro is play it, this happens to me with all of my plastics the week after I get them, they end up being responsive, how can I fix this?

I just had the same problem with my Replay. Contact whoever you got the yoyo from and see if they know what happened.

Did you lube the bearing? Is this the yoyo you refer to in your other post as improperly cleaned? You need to give a better explanation of the problem and what you tried to do to fix it.

I find that sometimes Yoyofactory bearings do that, I got a Popstar that suddenly goes gritty and responsive in just after a few throws.

Firstly, no it is not the throw I am refering to in my other post I have not done anything to try to fix it but this happens with most of most of my low priced throws such as the surge for example. It is not super responsive but responsive enough that it is a problem. hopefully this explains it a tad better.

Did you try cleaning it? If not give that a shot.

ok thanks!