Please help me fix my iyoyo iceberg!


I must have tightened it too much after lubricating the bearing because the bearing doesn’t spin anymore. Yes I’ve tried other bearings and those bearings in other yo-yos. I think the metal may have dug into the polycarbonate just enough to make the bearing stuck. I need to know if there is a spacer or something that may be compatible and still play similarly. Or some other kind of fix. Such a good yo-yo just sitting here wasting away. It’s a shame.


Hmm, interesting problem. The first idea that came to my mind is using YoyoJam shims. Yoyoexpert still has the gray ones in stock and they can be pretty useful if you need a little more gap or if you have an aggressive response system, but you’d want to make sure you aren’t making a gap between the bearing and the yoyo’s wall that the string could fall off the bearing.

I don’t have an Iceberg and I’ve not encountered this problem before, but I’m familiar with this type of yoyo design. It looks like a lot of old YoyoJam models that had a solid spin axle, both of which which have a metal edge that the inside of the bearing is seated on so that the outer part of the bearing can spin freely when the yoyo is tightened down. The metal housing penetrates to the outside hub of the yoyo. If the yoyo is overtightened, that metal housing might have been pushed in so that this “bearing seat” is flush with the rest of the plastic and so that the finger spin dimple on the outside is pushed out a little. When the yoyo is tightened, the bearing sits lower and may be locked in place. If this is what happened, a YYJ shim may fix this or you might be able to push that axle housing back in the right place if it has indeed moved. I think some people that have had this problem with YYJ yoyos have successfully used a drop of superglue on the outside side of the hub to keep their solid spin axle in place. This may help you, but someone else with more experience with iYoYos in particular may be able to help you better.


Did you buy it from us? If so, send an email or give us a call and we’d be happy to take a look at it for you.