how dose this work

how do the yoyos with the axle as the bearing holder and the flat seat work with out squashing the bearing?

English would be excellent.

Do we have a translator in the house?

ah, BB, you see, its just one of those things you should know if your a modder. cough cough BByoyocompany cough cough


ive never seen one in person like that but looking at the pictures of them (bapezilla) it has a lip so the bearing isnt squashed and stopped from spining,im making yoyos i have none that ive made cuz my dad took them to ggermany to mess with and i have no more delrin

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After some deciphering, I figured out that you are probably talking the bearing seat, where there is a little bit of metal/plastic sticking out of the yoyo for the inside diameter of the bearing to rest on so that the yoyo can spin when it’s tightened together. That’s all it is.

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Yes, if you have most any yoyojam yoyo you can quite plainly see it. Take the bearing out and look at the hub. There is a small raised area around it that looks somewhat like a shim, only it’s part of the shell. Eetsit, bape, dif-e-yo and quite a few others all use the same concept. It’s quite common actually.



My dad translates German lol.
IIm going to lock this cuz i got it figured out.